Warhammer: Vermintide

I highly recommend everyone looking to polish their skills try speedrunning

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I've recently tried my hand at speedrunning with the usual handmaiden setup and what I expected to feel like an exploit instead has felt like a really interesting alternative playatyle that I feel really forces you to polish up blocking, pushing, dodging, positioning and situational awareness skills.

My Kerillian was unleveled when I started so I figured I may as well build up the skills without the extremely useful talents while I level her up. Was very happy to pull off a few Against the Grain Legend runs with a level 10 Handmaiden and trying to make it through without the lvl 25 drop aggro talent forced me to get a lot better at blocking and dodging, and definitely dealing with disabler specials on my own as well. (Dealing with a double leech spawn on your own while running from a massive horde a few metres behind is a very special kind of rush)


Even with all the talents it still makes for great practice, albeit requiring much less consistent skill than trying to run without the aggro drop.

I really hope FS doesn't try to stop this method of playstyle, it's a heap of fun and other than arguably making it a bit easier to get legend vaults, it's viable on so few maps consistently that it just doesn't feel like an exploit to me. I dream they one day remove boss progress barriers.

Would love to hear peoples' thoughts. If you're interested in giving it a shot but don't know much about it I'd be very happy to offer advice and answer questions on the subject, though I'm sure there are many people around a lot more knowledgeable than me.

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