Warhammer: Vermintide

I kicked out because I didn’t use the ‘right staff’.

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - I kicked out because I didn't use the 'right staff'.

I don't play sienna much as other class since I'm a halberd lover but ever since my sienna's first FF, I used bolt staff and fireball/flag as a backup.

after my sienna entered legend level I think the beam staff's alt attack gives much more defensive ability, but still, I don't quiet understand bolt staff is seriously worse or not viable option, even in champion level.

damage is pretty fine, I think it deals better damage overall than beam staff. it spreads but beam staff can't do some AWP 1shot1kill noluckpureskilll thing like handgun since low dps, bolt staff can manage overcharge very fine, alt attack is kinda sucks but with settings focused on crit chance and chit damage I really feel I can kill more things than beam staff, even if I play extra careful and don't make a single FF through entire run?


and I kicked today after some quarrel, a bardin(host) asked why do I use bolt staff and I just answered I'm used to bolt staff and I built my character based on using bolt staff and he kicked me.

am I wrong? certainly there are more beam staff sienna so there must be a reason but is it that significant?

I know being kicked is common thing and no big deal but I'm very talented in being bad and keeping low profile, so when I kicked from any game it's usually not because of my skill but my mental condition but what happened today was clearly just about staff.

is bolt staff really sucks?

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