Warhammer: Vermintide

I let my girlfriend play

warhammer 7 - I let my girlfriend play

My girlfriend who only watched me play vermintide 2 maybe once or twice asked to try. I play on pc and she never used a mouse and keyboard so I plugged in a ps4 controller to make it easier

I showed her all the characters and subclasses and she wanted to try shade but I haven't leveled up kerilian to 30 yet so I advised her not to, so she chose slayer dual axes and 2h hammer

As a joke I threw her into the legend playlist without telling her the difficulty levels and a fresh skittergate loaded up, after learning the buttons real quick she got lost a few times, wasted a speed potion when she wanted to use a healing draught and didn't really know all the tricks and stuff


But really I was surprised she made it all the way halfway killing the gatekeeper before dying, and almost champed through the final boss also, while the handmaiden on our team got downed 3 times before the gatekeeper and even pulling a sweet play of slayer leaping headfirst into a gutter runner pouncing while heavy attacking, smacking him out of the air like a fly haha, she didnt have nearly the most kills and definitely took the most damage but I'm surprised she champed it to the end.

Whoever you are handmaiden, you got shown up by my girlfriend who never played this game before and has very limited experience with first person games (only love here lol)

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