Warhammer: Vermintide

I love fatshark and I love vermintide 2, but the current state of the game is unacceptable

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The "balance" in today's patch is such a massive step in the wrong direction that it just seems like a last minute add-on to a patch that they completed 2 weeks ago and for some reason did not go live until today. I'm thankful for the geomotry fixes on levels and better optimization, but the game still has so many fundamental issues with loot, crafting, and balance that the good is just completely paled. I'm sure that fatshark is aware of the issues pertaining to green dust and duplicate reds, but they still exist and have existed since day one, with not a single change. I cannot fathom why these issues are not a higher priority if fatshark wants to maintain a high player base and not continually drop players who get fed up with the system. I'm terms of weapon and class balance, it still feels like a complete mess. Melee classes are still weaker than the ranged classes even though fatshark continues to insist this is a melee oriented game, and the changes today with shade and huntsman are honestly pathetic in terms of anything relating to real balance from competent devs. Most classes only have 1 or 2 weapons that are legend viable, halberd is complete king on kruber and once they nerf it he'll have a very mediocre set of weapons. Kerillians weapons needed to be adjusted to be at the level of the glaive, but instead of doing that they just nerfed the glaive, but I'm sure it's still her best weapon because every other option was practically incomparable before. And this also nerfed executioner sword because the devs couldn't figure out how to separate the two weapons? That feels even more last minute to me. Falchion and beam staff still reign, of course on the ranged oriented classes. If fatshark actually wants this to be a visceral melee combat game, the for the love of God we need to have weaker weapons brought up instead of pushing down a single weapon that stands out of the mediocrity (except halberd? Sure why not). I know that fatshark can't do everything and that they're a small self published company, but the games player base is going to continue dwindling and dwindling if updates keep coming at a slow rate while ignoring many glaring issues that have existed for a long time already. I want to continue playing and loving this game, but after yet another disappointing patch my enthusiasm to continue playing is at an all time low. I guess thanks for reading if you actually came this far, rant over.


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