Warhammer: Vermintide

I love that game but lately i feel more and more disappointed.

warhammer 3 - I love that game but lately i feel more and more disappointed.

I've spent countless hours in Vermintide 1 and I'm spending them again in Vermintide 2. Game mechanics, grimm dark mood, characters, coop possibilities. All of that keeps me pulling back to this game. Yet when I'm playing latest DLC I feel like I've been given a breadcrumb while being told it's a loaf of bread.

Supposedly remastered maps feel like a copy-paste with slim to none work done on them. Added challenges and secrets aren't changing the maps, you do them once and you can forget about them.

We were told, as I recall, that new enemies needed to have set up new pathfinding and what-nots. Why is it then, that enemies that haven't been present in Vt1 are behaving in the same way as original enemies were, all the way and up to the point of spawning right in front of the players in the same spots that were present in Vt1?

Clip: Plaguemonk face spawn

Maps are littered with holes or getting you stuck in places where it shouldn't be happening. Some of those problems were existent in Vt1 also, but got patched out. Why then are they making a comeback in remaster? When you're remastering something, you are trying to make it better, to perfect it, not clone it 1:1 and reintroduce old problems. Unless that was the additional idea behind this DLC, to make us really feel the "original vibe" of the maps.

Clip: Get semi stuck to be the one with the ground

Clip: Respawn to never be able to move from the respawn point.


Removing both DLCs from the quickplay as a means of temporary fixing repetition of having a pleasure to play Blightreaper 6 times in a row instead of trying out something similiar to what has already been created by a modder.

Mod: Quick Play – select maps in random order

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Blocking new weapons behind DLC paywal. Weapons that feel clearly overpowered to anything else in the game. To me so far they feel like p2w weapons locked behind DLC instead of lootboxes. In Vt1 someone not owning the DLC was still able to get the DLC weapon, alas in Vt2 it's impossible. You do realize that such practices tend to divide the playerbase?

And the look of the DLC weapons themselves. I'm gonna use Saltzpyres Axe+Falchion here as comparison. You blatantly used already existent weapon models and skins, placed one weapon in right hand, second in the left, copied dwarf dual axes attack pattern changing it just a bit and called it a job well done.

Pics: DLC weapons – making of

FatShark, guys, seriously? Come on. Why? Was it the decision to develop simultaneously for PC, XBOX, and Playstation that is hindering you resources and abilities to really focus on creation? Don't be like Bethesda, don't push anything just to grab more cash. You should be aiming high, like you did with Karak Azgaraz in Vt1.

All that being said I will still support your game because you've made a something great. But for the love of Sigmar, you need to stop dodging backwards after every step you've made forward.

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