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I love this game (again)

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I'm about 150 hours into VT2 now and loved getting up to the point where I am satisfied with the gear and are comfortable running champion on several classes. Having dabbled a bit in Legend but never completing a game or even lasting longer than 5-ish minutes. The past several days kinda burned me out, toxic and downright terrible teammates and silly mistakes made me play other games.

Yesterday a friend of mine messaged me he bought the game since it was on sale, it was my day off so I decided to fire VT up again to see if he was online yet. He was not.


I decided to just start up a champion quickplay on the class I'm most comfortable with, FK Kruber. I joined a game halfway into Athel Yenlui and was greeted with 3 'Hello's' in chat. We ran through it till the final event and the Kerillian suggested to do the challenge. Confused about what the challenge even was we decided to give it a go and simultaneously activated all the thingy's and completed it within 30 sec (to my knowledge). The Elf then noticed he hosted a champion game so the challenge wasn't valid. We decided to go for another game and everything went pretty smoothly. It wasn't till we've reached the screaming bell and the elf said 'lets do the challenge!' that I noticed we we're actually running Legend this time, and fairly easely at that. We tred the challenge but got unlucky with some special spawns and didn't make it out in time although we did finish the game. After that we did several more Legend runs and it felt like such a breeze.



This is to you, WS Kerillian, confusingly named something like Kruber, clutching us through several pretty hard games where you were the last one standing. BH Saltz, named something like Tall Blond and Handsome (he was not blond, nor handsome), for the insane special quickscopes and dying all the time when you forget to praise sigmar at the start of our game. And IB Bardin, named something with Bluttgot for tanking everything and barely taking dmg.


You've succesfuly renewed my faith in this game and it's community and I can't wait to do more legend runs with you guys.

TLDR; Actually found nice guys to do Legend runs with and it was awesome and nobody was an as*hole (banter aside). Thank you

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