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I Miss Handgun

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Nothing else satisfies the urge to tap skulls quite the same as the Vermintide 1 Handgun. The Vermintide 2 Handgun reload speed is considerably slower and the spread makes the weapon quite unreliable even when you take the full second or more of stationary ADS to let the crosshair reach minimum spread. Even still, I feel like when I put my crosshair on the target I might as well flip a coin as to whether or not I will be rewarded for it. I'm also not a fan of the damage falloff mechanic in general. If we're going with the realism feel, a bullet should surely be affected less by damage falloff than something like an arrow would? Yet we have Kruber longbow penetrating super armor and chunking bosses like wut? I miss the necessity to headshot Stormvermin as well. Now most weapons just stack power vs. to bodyshot – there feels like a lot less reason to aim for the head in general. IMO VT1 Handgun was the perfect skill weapon. If you had the aim, you killed the things. If you did not, you didn't kill as many things. What I would like to see out of V2 Handgun is a lower time to reach minimum spread and less damage falloff. I'd be fine with current reload speed, even. In a nutshell, I'd like the weapon to excel at one role in particular – long range anti-special. I don't want to kill bosses, I don't want it to clear hordes or mass Stormvermin. I just wanna tap the heads. Seems like a pretty reasonable suggestion considering how many weapons "do it all" right now. BlessRNG


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