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I miss having a campaign

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I played Skittergate today for 3 times in a row. Always with different groups – I stay in QP. When it logged me in for the last time, I left the group I have joined. Sorry, guys, I was fed up only with the map. I wish we could have a real campaign. To play an act from start to the end. There's a lack of continuity in my games – especially if I hit the grand epilogue too many times, and never get to feel the story. I understand that playing randomized maps one by one might be more accessible for multiplayer, it facilitates making a group and start the match. Easy come, easy go, no strings attached. But isn't it boring! I really liked the scenarios of L4D2 when you have to play a few maps to finish the session. The narrative was super basic but it was present. In V2 story-part is even stronger but it's broken because it doesn't feel coherent from the player perspective. I'm a newcomer to WH and so much more Fatshark has put up with the lore just flies by me as I always feel that the story just isn't there. Having a custom game when you make your own campaign is not a solution as you lose QP bonus right now. Its doable but meh. So, yeah. I miss having a campaign. PS And what if the tomes and grims locations could be different all the time? Like, there are 4-6 possible spots for tomes, 3-4 for grims, and they are pre-made but randomized where exactly you will find them? It would give a little more nuance to everyday play so no map would be a choreographed run from point to point.


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