Warhammer: Vermintide

I opened 505 commendation chests, here are all the results.

warhammer 8 - I opened 505 commendation chests, here are all the results.

Hello everyone!

First let me provide some context for this number. As we all know the WoM beta is currently going on and since i have extended access I decided to sit down and open some chests, the results may be pretty ineteresting for some of you.

To elaborate further, I don't think that 505 chest is a large enough sample size to actually say anything conclusive about the loot of commendation chests yet I still think there's merit to this post as a trend in the numbers can certainly be seen.

Further I divided the findings by the tier of the items (blue, green, orange, red) and their use in the game (hats, weapons, charms, necklace, trinket). I will for one give the absolute numbers of all the loot I collected and then the percentages of the loot respective to their tiers.


1515162 (10.7%)189 (12.5%)174 (11.5%)980 (64.7%)10 (0.07%)

tbh I'm a bit surprised that I actually got ten hats out of the chests, even tho the percentage is small this seems higher than on official realm. Maybe they tweaked the numbers? (although I don't believe that).

1515862 (56.9%)477 (31.5%)159 (10.5%)7 (0.05%)

Nothing out of the ordinary here. It's pretty well known that commendations chest have a bad drop chnce of Reds.



(The hats are not counted in the total)




(The hats are not counted in the total)



(The hats are not counted in the total)



(no hats :c)


As stated at the beginning I have nothing conclusive to say. The only thing that I could mention is that commendations chest are only important for players when they're in the early game or want Hats, chasing commendation chests for Reds is not worth your time.

Yet we should debate over the rate of Hats dropping from these chests. It's definitely too low and also just dumb to give out cosmetics randomly (imo). I really can't wait for Lohner's Empoium of Wonders to be released that's for sure.

See you again when I show you the results of Vaults and Champion chests.

Till then happy slaying Heroes!

Criticism of what has been written is encouraged, if you're willing to share your own ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!

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