Warhammer: Vermintide

I pulled off the best clutch in my Vtide career ever

warhammer 4 - I pulled off the best clutch in my Vtide career ever

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So, I’ve recently started dipping my feet into legend with a buddy. We’re on Act 3 and the clutch took place on Against the Grain. I was shade and my buddy was slayer because he died in the previous mission with a grim as ironbreaker.

We got to the end event and things went to shit really quick.

We stayed on the scaffolds attached to the windmill for as long as possible until my friend got knocked off of it.

I killed what I could before I was knocked off the scaffold as well and then went to aid my slayer buddy from being wrecked in a corner. He managed to kill a decent amount before a northlander knight slam dunked him into Morr’s Garden.


I had to dodge-jump around 2 chaos knights before I could get to the basement of the second barn. I revived him and our bots and then continued along.

Just like last time, they all died again, so I had to dodge-jump around the remainder of the horde and was on a sliver of health the entire attack.

Finally, after killing the horde, I revived everyone again and managed to actually finish the mission. I’m still reeling from it, and I have to say the legend intensity is real!

TL;DR:Friend and bots died so I had to clutch twice in a row with barely any health in order to complete our legend mission.

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