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I really don’t like how spongey units are on Legend…

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - I really don't like how spongey units are on Legend...

I must say, it's better than Cataclysm in that at least the clanrats die in a reasonable amount of hits, but it's far from great.
I don't mind the damage the enemy does or the amount of spawns, but the fact that most enemies you just spend batting around a ludicrous amount of times loses me.
I like the satisfaction of hitting something with a sword or black powder shot and it reacting how you'd expect, but as well as actually having stakes since Champion has become too easy. The fact that you have to beat enemies like Stormvermin or Maulers in their crit spots like 4 times to kill them just slows the game down, I feel. Not all weapons have to be equal, but lighter weapons or ones with poor horde control just feel like flat-out garbage and unusable, like how Kerillian's dual swords need to hit a regular chaos marauder twice in the head or how Saltz's 1h axe can't kill with an uncharged to their heads. The super dramatic damage fall-off on ranged doesn't help either.


There are plenty of ways to make enemies tough without just raising their health really high.
And don't get me started on the "resistant" enemies like the Packmaster. Nothing makes a blunderbuss feel more like anemic crap than barrel-stuffing a skinny rat just so he stumbles over.

Sorry for the Verm 1 deja vu but maybe a difficulty between Champ and Legend is in order? I know some people really don't care about spongey enemies but it almost ruins what's otherwise I pretty decent challenge of a difficulty for me.

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