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I Really Feel That VT1 is a Far Superior Product to VT2

warhammer 2 - I Really Feel That VT1 is a Far Superior Product to VT2

I will try to keep this brief, but as someone who has spent about 775 hours in Vermintide 2 compared to my 225 hours in Vermintide 1 I genuinely believe this for a couple of reasons.

  1. Classes and Combat – It's not overwhelming. It's tactical, you feel like you have room to breath but at the same time you can get overwhelmed. Stormvermin are a threat, and not something you quickswap to your ranged and one shot them, before putting it away again. There is dodge fatigue so you couldn't dodge-dance the dangers away, and as a result you don't completely rehaul the combat system during the games lifecycle to try and combat it. SV Patrols were loud and you knew where it came from without fail. THP has been a recurring, bleeding rash on VT2 with constant attempts to balance it, where the regen mechanic in VT1 is simply you regain non-decaying health. If you were good enough, you were able to negate a mistake you may have made early on in the map. In VT1 it's skirmishes against a lesser Skaven clan. In VT2 it's just carpal tunnel syndrome enemy spam.
  2. Classes and Loot – It's not complicated, at all. Do you like a particular hero? Pick them and go. Do you like a particular weapon? It may not have the ideal properties, but hey that's what the Shrine is for. But you don't have to worry about breakpoints. You don't have to worry if the minute differences in stats in an Orange is better than another Orange. You don't have to melt down 200+ items, 9 at a time, to make space for additional loot. You don't have to burn a Scrooge McDuck Money Bin amount of Green and Blue dust only to still not get the "meta" combination on your Ring. In short, VT1 has pick up and play. VT2 has you theory-crafting, asset liquidating, and massive RNG without an equivalent payoff. Your reward for VT2's system? You aren't an invisible weight on your team.
  3. Graphics and Environment – I don't understand how a series that has minimal amount of NPC's, one feels like it belongs in the universe and the other… doesn't. VT1 has the same drab decor befitting the Warhammer universe, but there is some color splashed in at times. It looks and feels good. VT2 just feels… Washed out. Dark, grainy textures, constantly drab scenery. Everything looks like it's been doused in bleach and served in mud, and that's not an ironic Nirvana reference. Even maps like Athel Yenlui and Against the Grain, something just seems… off. Like there is something significant missing that would really make the map pop and I don't even know what that would be.
  4. Current DLC and Upcoming DLC – VT1 has non-complicated DLC. More weapons, more, fantastic map additions such as Drachenfels, and Khazik Kro. They expanded the story and continued it and giving the classes new ways to slay rats. Shrine and Bounty Board addresses a common complaint the playerbase has, and generally received praise.
    VT2 is… troubled. Bogenhafen DLC added maps that had lukewarm receptions at best, outright derision at worst (Blightskipper LOL). It also added to the badly limping loot system with it's own special box, containing only skins, and a limited amount at that, in addition to mostly being pallete swaps. Return to Ubersreik, while sounding good on paper, was implemented in the most tortured way. A convoluted lore premise, a mini-game hunt within the maps, plus with VT2 gameplay, the maps didn't feel the same, nor played the same. Additionally, the next big DLC was Winds of Magic, introducing content that… didn't address any of the problems the game had for months if not a year. A leaderboard system that, in my own opinion, is largely useless, and an upcoming PvP mode which I feel if implemented in this current version of VT2, sounds absolutely like a dreadful, unfun time. It feels like additional DLC is being made for people who aren't playing the game to begin with.

I uninstalled VT2 a while ago and picked VT1 up again, and while it's tough to find games these days, I always find it to be a better time than watching a Zealot solo everything, berate people for healing him and zip around like a lunatic.

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