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I Stepped my foot into legendary today…

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… and holy hell is it fun. I've been playing a few champion games a week now for about a month, somewhat disinterested in the game since all my friends had quit. After getting another friend into the game (and finally hitting 600 hero power!), I decided to try legendary difficulty.

  • I did four maps with mostly the same group, we got a new 4th after every map.
  • Patrols are no joke, holy shit. They're huge and I was clenching every time we had to sneak by. The one we were forced to take on was taken care of with four bombs thrown near-simultaneously.
  • Bosses were a lot scarier, if only because it felt like you had to deal with a horde EVERY boss fight too.
  • A good game could go to hell in the span of ten seconds. Like I was saying above, one of our maps we were halfway done with a chaos spawn when a horde spawned without music, we were overrun and dead in like 15 seconds.
  • People died, a lot. The last map I played, festering grounds, we had like a total of 8 deaths through the whole map. One second we were four strong, then 3 dead/downed, then back to four over the course of a few minutes. It felt good being able to recover a map.
  • The players were just generally good and felt a lot better than on champion. Even without voice/chat we were co-operative, handled resources well and called out EVERYTHING with pings.
  • DD HM is so much fun. I literally feel like a dancer of death. I thought spear was the end-all, be-all weapon for her but I don't think I can switch off daggers
  • I also got TWO REDS off a single general vault and I'm STILL super pumped holy shit: <

There were some weird spawns and some slight buggyness but the games felt really good overall. The difficulty felt… proper. Never did I think "holy shit this is impossible", even when all four of us were limping around with 1/5th grey health bars. I'm only like 60, 70 hours in but after that game I feel like I could easily put in another 700.

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