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I think I’ve figured out everything about Saltzpyre (not a joke)

warhammer 10 - I think I've figured out everything about Saltzpyre (not a joke)

(sorry if bad english)

TL;DR : Saltzpyre offered his eye to Tzeentch to gain knowledge and visions about Skavens and the possible futures, as implied by literally everything about him in the game, especially the lines at Drachenfels.

Everyone always thought something was off about Salty, and I was one of them, until I took a second thought about his eye, and how that is likely a direct mark of Tzeentch… and after some thoughts and researches..It all makes sense. Knowing Tzeentch is attracted by those who seek knowledge, and Salty is in an eternal quest on Skaven knowledge, and that he lost his right eye Just like everyone who bargain with Tzeentch.. he just completely seemed like someone who could be approached by Tzeentch, especially knowing Tzeentch tries to undo the End Times, and he actually now looks like someone who bargainned with Tzeentch because of his eye… And in that mine, when Salty was desperate, Tzeentch reached for himand almost every line from Drachenfels whispers reinforce this idea. The way Salty answers them too : he seems vulnerable, guilty, he knows Drachenfels is right (I think the voice is Drachenfels himself right ?*)*

I'll try to explain it quickly and assume people know about Warhammer lore because it would be so long otherwise, so I'll explain things without any source (for now), but keep in mind in all of this that Chaos Gods are not inherently bad (think about how Khorne only favors champions who achieve impressive duel deeds against worthy foes, not futile bloodshed, which his dumb followers still havnt figured out.. or how Archaon himself consider the Chaos Gods as tools, he's the one willing to bring the End Times, not the Chaos Gods)

I'll go crescendo :

  • "Your father was a blacksmith. A strong man. An uncompromising man. Who do you see in the mirror, Victor ?""An uncompromising man" may hints that Salty is very compromised, because of TzeentchNote : Tzeentch bargainers do not appear in mirrors (as seen in the Total war WH3 trailer, for exemple)
  • "Is it Sigmar you fight for, Victor ? Or your own slighted pride **?"**Not certain if I understand what "slighted pride" means, but those who bargain with Tzeentch are known to seek knowledge and power for their own pride, entirely the case for Salty and his fight against the Skavens : I see this as a trait people who get affiliated with Tzeentch share, not something you actually develop once you're his pawn (is that clear ? I'm not sure)

Those two next kinda go together :

  • "You are not different to those you hunt, little Victor. <...> Blind to your nature**."**He's a Witch Hunter, the winds of magics are fragments of Tzeentch, so he hunts those who actually share a common point with him, about Tzeentch, sorry if badly explained but I think you all get it
  • "Little Victor… <...> Even your Order thinks you a fool. What would these others say, if they knew ?"… if they knew he's actually hiding an actually very important matter about his true self, and how his bargain with Tzeentch made him what he's supposed to fight with his Order

I'd like to mention this one quickly, which I can't find any good explanations for, especially next to the next following line :

  • **"The Grey Seer saw your truth when he took your eye, didn't he?"**So the Grey Seer supposedly took the eye of Salty, and saw a truth behind it, but the lore says he lost his says long before in a mine.. Maybe giving an eye to Tzeentch is not an immediate effect ? and the Grey Seer saw how Salty's nature is/was altered behind it ; I'm guessing you slowly lose your eye as a mark of corruption as the influence of Tzeentch grows, but anyway this line is weird

And then……. this VERY IMPORTANT LINE :"The others think you miss your eye, but they're wrong. It's a sacrifice. A pledge that you will never be so blind as you were at Skaggerdorf."


Now… this… it's literally everything, all of the above lines does not matter next to this one…It's literally written : he took out his own eye, a sacrifice, a pledge to Tzeentch, to gain knowledge and visions about the Skavens and the impending future, which also explains that one conversation he sometimes have with Kerillian, about how he also sometimes do dreams that reeks of possible prophecies. That line is the perfect definition of everything that happens when you bargain with Tzeentch

Let's keep going : during the End Times, Tzeentch actively try to fight Archaon, there could be multiple reasons to that : the main one being that if Archaon destroys the world, then the Chaos Gods disappear (or be heavily diminished) as they are, and as their Chaos Realm is, a mirror manifestation of the material world. Tzeentch being the only god able to foresee his own end, he actually tries to stop ArchaonIn the Total War franchise, this is absolutly backed up : the advisor is an agent of Tzeentch (who gave his right eye like Salty) who tries to help the player (so any and every faction) to rise up and eventually be able to challenge Archaon ; and if you play as Archaon, he actually turns against you in a very particular way (basically Tzeentch is directly involved into fighting YOU, the chaos invasion)

Now, that doesn't mean Salty is going to become full chaos-spawn-Tzeentch-junkie-champion, Tzeentch is actually known to have very subtle influence on almost everyone, as he's supposed to play an immense game, controlling the actions of every living creature ; sometimes even in a benevolant way
I would guess what happened in the mine, when Salty came out lacking one eye, is that he felt so much guilt for his inactions and the killing of an innocent, that Tzeentch reached for him and offered his help against the Skavens ; that actually suits the both of them, and we know Salty is willing to ally with almost anyone that could be helpful to himWe know that "he draws the line at not allying with anything outright evil or
Daemon - I think I've figured out everything about Saltzpyre (not a joke)

daemonic", and that "he is ultimately willing to fight alongside anyone as long as they are not apparent enemies of Sigmar and the Empire"

I believe what the wiki says can be taken with tweezers, the official lore have always been known to be deceitful in some nuances, especially about chaos.. so, we have to note the surface idea, not trust each word
Especially with this one sentence : "Additionally, his lack of objections towards working with other races separates him even further from his fellow members "So, I would assume Salty would definitely be willing to work in unconventional ways to fight his ennemies, and knowing Tzeentch can arguably be considered temporary allied to the Empire (as are some factions of Vampires during the End time, even if the Empire is probably unwilling for both of those ""allies"", the End Times are the definition of "desperate times breeds desperate alliances")
This said, it's also likely Salty does not actually knows who he bargained with exactly at first, it's very likely Tzeentch somehow tricked him into this pledge.. but for once, that actually was for the greater good

I NEED your opinions on this, especially those who would be against this theory

(I seem to struggle a lot with how writing and editing works in Reddit, very sorry if something is wrong)

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