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iB hammer and shield-am i doing it wrong?

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - iB hammer and shield-am i doing it wrong?

Just got to the 300 gear so i'm putting together my 95% set. (oranges with "reasonably high" versions of the traits/properties I want). I remember using hammer and shield before and both liking it, and coming to the conclusion I needed to stop using it. So I think "I've gotten quite a bit better with all these runs lets give it another go.

I get a 300 Blue hammer and pick up a Vet run because right now I still just need the any old chest. The Storm Vermin show up and I swing the hammer. A loud ping rings out as i hit it and it slides ten feet from the impact, but it stands. That's fine I hit it again, same thing. Many, many times. It finally dies but then another shows up. And it becomes very apparent that I'm not killing much with this stupid weapon.


But it has the best control. I, the dwarf using the hammer and shield can survive so well with it. Theoretically, anyway. As I continue to not effectively kill rat things as my team dies around me I wonder. "Is the weapon that bad or am I just that bad at using it?"

Two runs with it and I went back to axe and shield. I see most of this reddit being down on H/S any counter points or is this pretty much how it is?

Edit-Thank you for the replies. It looks like I fell into some of those Ironbreaker pitfalls that everyone talks about, in that it is quite a bit more forgiving to play with bad technique. I'll work on my push stab with H/S as well as craft me a 2h (probably axe) and see if I can adjust my play to be more effective.

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