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Idea for a new deed: “Trip down memory lane”

warhammer 3 - Idea for a new deed: "Trip down memory lane"

Hello everyone.

It's no secret that deeds are currently among the more underutilized aspects of the game, which is a shame since they are a pretty fun way to both enhance difficulty and mix up your daily runs. With Fatshark confirming that they are working on improving this aspect as well as the release of Back to Ubersreik, I had an idea for a new, slightly silly deed modifier that would bring something new to the table. I present:

"A Trip Down Memory Lane"

This deed can only drop for people who have the Back to Ubersreik DLC. Once this modifier is activated your character is changed to be as close to their Vermintide 1 counterpart as possible. That means you can only play as your first career choice (if you start the game with another career it will either change you to said career or refuse to start the map until you changed it yourself), will automatically start with the V1 hero skin equipped for this mission (even if you don't own V1) and be unable to use any active career skills (Talents may still function, unsure about that). Should this deed drop for any Back To Ubersreik map all book locations will be changed to their original V1 placements.


Deeds are currently always focussed on increasing the challenge of the game and while I think there is nothing wrong with that, Fatshark said they wanted to have some crazy modifiers for them to really shake up the game. This slightly silly suggestions both adds challenge through blocking the use of skills (and maybe talents), but also serves as a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of experiencing some classic V1 runs in V2 – complete with original book locations if you are lucky!

Feel free to add more to this suggestion if you like, thanks for reading.

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