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Idea for a WHC rework; crit chance buff for every tagged enemy he kills

chivalry screenshot1 - Idea for a WHC rework; crit chance buff for every tagged enemy he kills

Okay so I laid in bed yesterday and had was thinking about WHC idea, as you do.

So at the moment his kit revolves around 2 things; tagging enemies and killing elites (and occasionaly specials) with crit headshots. The damage buff is perfectly fine as it is (maybe tagging could receive some love as it sometimes just doesn't work) and I like the concept of the crit headshots, but there are some flaws.

1) Most enemies already die to crit headshots anyway 2) It's completely luck based 3) It's somewhat situational

I will come straight to the point;

I suggest that WHC receives a 'slowly' decaying critical chance buff for every tagged enemy he slays (like slayers trophy hunter).

So say 5% increased crit chance after he kills a tagged enemy which lasts for 10 seconds, this buff can stack up to 5 times and the decay timer resets after every new buff (these are just some arbitrary numbers).

This way WHC will be able to 'pop off' when the team is threatened by lots of specials/elites, snowballing the speed at which he kills them. I think this would be a really cool and viable option once the effectiveness of ranged weapons vs elites/specials has been reduced. Not only will it aid him in killing specials/elites; after killing a few of them during a horde and thuse having a significant cirt chance bonus, it will also boost his horde clear effectivness in the form of swift slaying, or his ult recharge time in the form of resourceful combat. This passive essentialy makes his ability less of a gimmick and more of a boost to overall performance.


Also I think the 'insta kill man sized enemies with a crit hs' should be changed, as currently it doesn't help vs CW and bosses. Instead I think the damage of his crits on HEAVY headshots should be boosted (I don't know any exact numbers, but as long as he still 1 shots anything but CW/bosses this will be a significant buff as he will be much more effective vs CW and bosses).

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Now for his career skill; I think it would be cool to share the current crit chance buffs with the entire party for a 'short' period. His 360 stagger should stay, as it is really good and depending on the #crit chance he receives per buff the cooldown should be reduced or kept the same (say he gets 10% per buff, he can essentialy boost crit chance for the entire party by 50% which would warrant a 180 second cooldown, if it's only 5% per buff then maybe reduce the cooldown.

TLDR; Killing tagged enemies grants him x% crit chance buff, stacking up to 5 times. Change insta kill crit headshots to increased damage on charged headshots to be more effective vs CW and bosses. Change ult to share his stacked buffs with party. These changes will reaward the player more for killing tagged enemies, instead of being just a bit of a gimmick.

What do you guys think?

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