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Ideas for fun new item traits

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The item traits are starting to feel a little stale. Mainly people go swift slaying, ammo on crit/damage to same armor type, and the others are somewhat diverse, but everyone likes their one niche. Here are some more ideas to spice things up.

Since the buffs of the different items corrispond to essentially an item on your hotbar, I'll just be going off of the names of the items. All of the numbers are pulled directly from the nearest free range, grain fed, organic ass, so don't treat them as sane or balanced.

Melee Weapon:

Smashing : Slower attacks, increased power

Inertia: Drastically increased power when attacking from high speed, as in a large fall or a leap special.

Overkill: Any damage over the hp of a target rolls over to the next target hit in a cleave

Internal bleeding: damage increased, but all dealt as a DOT

Lawnmower: Increases cleave and removes armor piercing, damage increase depends on original armor piercing value

Shield Weapon

Light: Switches to 1-handed weapon animations

Heavy: Increased stagger, decreased damage

Enchanted: Can block otherwise unblockable things, like flame, boss downsmash, gas, etc.

Angled: Block-breaking attacks kick you back a fair distance on impact

Swift: Shoves during attack animations have a good chance to stagger large armored units

Cautious: Can always block out of an attack animation


Congo Line: Increases remaining cleave on headshot. (IE: bow naturally can pierce 2 things of type x. You heashot one, it will now go through 3 more after the one headshot.)


(LongBows/xBows/Rifles) Big Game Hunter: No cleave, gives stacking damage on hits over x amount, depending on the amount

(Fire weapons)Charr-b-cue: Specials will not have line of sight through flames


Double trouble: bombs carry the other bomb's effect with reduced power

Black Fire: Enemies will not path around your fire patches

Whiff of magic: bomb damage refills your special bar

Read:  Increased headshot damage of ranged weapons versus super-armor (Chaos Warriors) in 1.2 Beta.

Boomer: Significantly decreased damage, significantly increased enemy throwing potential

Banger: Stun duration is increased by armor

Shaped: No/Reduced friendly fire

Cluster: Throws a handful of mini bombs


Didn't need that anyway: Potion effect applies inversely to you, and beneficially to all your teammates (requires full special to pop purple potion. Gives you no attack/movespeed, or no damage, or full special drain)

Paced drinker: Potions have 2 uses, for 50% duration

Splash: The potion is thrown instead, applies to everyone, including enemies, in the area impacted(use with caution…)

Roulette: Potions contain a random potion with double duration


Berserker: Can't have permanent health. Temporary health gain is increased, and duration is extended. Wounds cleared after being above x% health for x seconds

Sharing is caring: All health items used on you are split among your entire team, but also convert some temp health to permanent

Lobber: Can throw health potions, reviving and healing allies in an area

Overheal: can go over maximum health, but receive a temp health decay penalty

Living on the edge: Damage taken goes down as health goes down

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