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Ideas for Last Stand in Vermintide 2

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I just had a wild bloody dream about this, so it's best I get it out of my system whilst it's still fresh.

For the Last Stand mode that might be coming in the future, I'll propose a couple of changes to its formula.

I was thinking more along the lines of how Killing Floor 2 does its Endless game mode; Every five waves there is a boss to kill. Simple concept, but after every five waves you get to unlock an ability for the class you've chosen. Wave 5, you get to unlock a level 5 perk for your character. Wave 10 means a level 10 perk, etc, etc, etc.

For a greater incentive to do Last Stand, cosmetics should be locked behind wave completion or wave milestones. Let's say you unlock a giant slayer mohawk for our dear Slayer after reaching wave 50 (when playing as him, of course), for example.

Or a lovely war dancer uniform for our hormonal elf after 100 wave completions?

The ability to upgrade your weapons to survive the later waves also comes to mind, upgrade damage, cleave, etc. However, some people may have qualms about this.

I'll make changes to this if more ideas are suggested or that I think of some.

Edit: A few ideas that can be mixed in.


u/shadowise with a good suggestion to buy upgrades like Call of Duty Zombies and Dawn of War 2, I'll quote: "You start with a completely vanilla level 1 character with blacksmith equipment, as you kill enemies you earn credits which can be spent on upgrading weapons, grenades, deployable ammo crates, unlocking talents, buying potions or equipment traits, NPC allies, etc. "

u/GreenNigga77 says that we have our five heroes to be played at once: "Ubersreik five": Last stand but with five players"

u/astronaut12 and many others want improved servers to stop the host DCing and being reset to wave 0, evident by Vermintide 1's Last Stand. Dedicated servers are optimum for Last Stand to work. Let us hope we get them.

u/WixTeller suggests it be similar to Dawn of War 2's and Killing Floor's survival. That being with a boss at the end of a match.

u/marceronni and u/Tethwyn both adding that the maps would have to varied and large, with items and traps placed around.

u/GentleHeart0 and u/KeyEducation say that the perks would have to be reworked to make a meaningful impact early in the game with some classes. I agree, 5% bonuses don't really cut it.

So far, this is shaping to be a dream game mode to play for hours on end! But alas, only in a dream. 🙁

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