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Ideas for new content; Weapons, Cosmetics, and more.

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I will break this post up into three categories of New Weapons, Cosmetics and Illusions, and finally New Maps. Feedback very welcome, let me know what you think.


Since Fatshark said they've ran out of Ideas for new weapons, I thought I'd suggest a few.

Poisoned Dagger- Working akin to Sienna's dagger, this alternative for Kerillian or huntsman(?) would apply a DoT like the hagbane does.

Throwing Axes- A ranged option for bardin with a unique charge up time that would increase it's velocity and angle. Alt fire could throw two at a time in exchange for an extended recovery animation.

Gauntlet/Knuckle dusters- A bold option for Bardin and Kruber, fist based weapoons would focus on speed and mobility while also being a very fun idea. (This could also work with sienna if you expanded her scratching attack that is used on the fire sword's charge animation.)

Fire whip/Heated Chains- Working with Sienna, and especially her unchained class, this option would work akin to Saltzpyre's flail, and work alongside her pyromancy theme.

Sling- A low-tech option for Bardin that acts as a weaker sniper weapon, but boasts unlimited ammo.

Battle standard- A spear variant for Kruber that could have a special ability with it's alt fire to create a rallying point.

Scythe- A weapon for Saltzpyre inspired by the cultists of Morr, it might work well as a flagellant exclusive. It could work akin to the executioner's sword with slower, sweeping attacks, and a charge attack that includes increased headshot damage.

-COSMETICS AND ILLUSIONS- I love many of the hats that have been added to the game, despite a few outliers, but the main issue is the low effort reskins for main outfits. This, alongside the recolored reds in the newst DLC had me thinking of some different Ideas.

Peasant/Peculiar items- Have a peasant box that has makeshift weapon skins available. Just like the mallet used in the tutorial, low-grade weapons make an interesting skin in a world that's centered around dark times and desperation. A few examples would include: A crowbar for a 1h-hammer, a meat cleaver for a 1h sword, a pitchfork for a spear, or other items that would emphasize desperation. You could go further with this and offer skins for characters that are bandaged, bruised, or bloody akin the those found in the Against the Grain cages.

Saltzpyre (Flagellant): Perhaps a shirtless variant that would showcase Saltzpyre's scarred body. Flagellants were quite renowned for this. Could also boast many other torturous devices embedded in him to inflict pain, or even religious scriptures branded onto him. New hats could include a Head-cage, increased scars, or an unkempt beard to capture the insanity angle Some skins for weapons could include a thurible/cat-o-nine tails for the flail, a large brass bell for a mace skin that has a unique hitting sound.


Kruber (Huntsman): Animal skins would be an easy option for someone living off the land, and could go well with his sentry hood hat to make him better suited to a cold climate. The only hat I could recomend is possibly a bear head. He frankly doesn't need many more hats or weapon illusions, as they are all very well done.

Kerillian (Waywatcher): A skin option I'd love to see is a full leaf cloak that really reflects her link to nature, and works well with her existing cosmetics. Any hat that would show off her hair would probably be a hit.


Out of everything fatshark does, MAPS is the last thing I am concerned about. Every map from VT1 & VT2, has been unique and full of character. They amaze me with every new installation, and have covered Imperial hovels, castles, shrines, and elven and Dwarvern areas very well. Still, there's a few places I'd like them to cover further.

Magic Colleges- I'd love to see places of magic in the world, especially if they can have secrets hidden in them, (like the trial of the foolhardy in VT1), but also because of the dialogue options that could be possible. There are eight schools of magic, and I'd love to visit one of the colleges for whatever reason.

Bretonia- The ability to visit the shores of this place to seek allies amoungst the nights would be very cool! (And would make a convenient way to integrate the peasant chests I had mentioned earlier). Missions could include visiting the lady of the lake, or saving the peasants from annihilation to aid bretonia's army.

The Carnival of Chaos- Before Boganhaffen was announced proper, there was speculation about this, and I was very intrigued about it. Enemies with a circus theme whose numbers were bolstered by the poor farmers who fell prey to their deception. Missions could include reaching a cure for the plague they've spread, (maybe players are under the effect of nurgle's rot with occasional damage/stamina loss until they reach it?) With dialogue of the heros coughing and talking about the plan to kill them with plague. The finale could be facing a new boss; the ringmaster. A champion of Nurgle.

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