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I’m thinking about a whc Brace of Pistols burst build. Any ideas?

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - I'm thinking about a whc Brace of Pistols burst build. Any ideas?

Edit: Meh, this build is bullshit, but I'll leave the thread here for lulz.

So far I've been using WHC as basically Bounty Hunter with different ult – slapped enough breakpoints on my crossbow so that I could one-shot stormvermin and most specials as long as they are tagged. Now I'm thinking about trying to make the best use possible of my BoP. The build that is on my mind goes as follows:

  • Charmed Life (20% Dodge Range)
  • Deathknell (25% headshot damage)
  • Wild Fervor (When tagged enemy dies, gain 8% crit chance for 6s)
  • Righteous Zeal (Temp HP on kill)
  • Redoubled Purpose (30% CDR) or Resonating Faith (active skill's duration increased from 6 to 10 seconds)

Rapier: 5% Crit Chance/10% VS Infantry, Resourceful Combatant (2% CDR on crit). Power vs. Infantry so that I'll cleave through more enemies during hordes


Brace of Pistols: 5% Crit Chance/10% VS Monsters, Scrounger (2.0 ammo on crit). Power vs. Monsters for better burst damage

Necklace: 30% stamina block cost reduction or +2 stamina/20% Health + Healers Touch (25.0% chance to not consume healing item on use)

Charm: 5% Attack Speed/10% VS Monsters or Skaven + Home Brewer (25.0% chance to not consume potion on use). Choice of power vs. will depend on whether or not skaven or other power vs. allows me to reach any breakpoints

Trinket: 5% Crit Chance/33% Curse Resistance + Shrapnel (20% damage on bomb hit for 5s)

The point of this build is to be able to deal high amount of burst damage, whether to patrols or, preferably, bosses. Pop my ult, take out my Brace of Pistols and go town, hoping that I will crit often enough to make a difference. What do you think.

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