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Important Suggestion for 1.0.7

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Hello, my suggestion is probably more important than any balancing issues. What I speak of lies at the core of my pride and decides whether this game is the appropriate carrier for my self esteem. Please Fatshark, listen to my plea.

Every time I play Into the Nest, I use the F2 trick (tapping F2 to move earlier) even so it is super naughty. The path down to the entrance of the dwarven ruins is familiar to me, now. Being the first down there makes me so excited and so happy like a videogame should.

But I play Slayer, and no matter how close I get, someone breaks the wooden boards first. Usually that dumb elf and her arrows.

The feeling of denial is impalpable. My consolation prize is I get to turn on the lights. But turning on the lights is STUPID, I want to hit all the wooden planks. I often seat my slayer by the light after turning it on, stepping away from my personal computer to take a few deep breaths and cry into my Hannah Montana throw pillow.


Here is my suggestion I'm begging you Fatshark:

Make the wooden boards client-side. That way, every member of the team must break through their own instance of the boards. This would have been a 1.0.6 thread but I wasn't sure if I could handle losing that awesome sensation of being the "dude who broke down the wooden barriers AND turned on the light." I've seen friends be first before and it looks so cool to hit them away. BAM BAM BAM way's clear lumberfoots.

I will never know that unless this change goes threw.

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