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in depth guide to optimal use of Dwarf Ranger.

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You can make Dwarf Ranger Bigger, Faster, Stronger! I mained DR during the good ol' days when he had guaranteed crits during his ult and have continued playing him on and off since then. He was the last class I finished for the master challenge and after tasting all the subclasses, I think he's underrated. Witch hunter captain and Battle Wizard felt like I was playing a discount class. (Yes even with WHC stormvermin breakpoint and BW conflag build.) Dwarf Ranger feels legitimately powerful. <
Here are some examples
of how far away you can kill specials with this tactic. The max 2 shot range is 10-20 meters further than the images, depending on what you're shooting at and the angle of the shot. You won't be sniping across the map on Athel Yenlui but it's still surprising how far you can kill gas rats/blightstormers. Using this GR spread knowledge can also maximize efficiency when firing into hordes at different distances.

For flamers it's always an easy 1-2 shot kill when they are around their firing range and gunners it's similar. If a gunner is too far away to kill, they aren't much of a threat anyway. If they are close enough to be dangerous they're either in the same 1-2 shot killzone, or you fire once to stagger, close the distance and fire a second shot to kill before they start firing again. Flamers/gunners have a huge profile so aim low on them too when you need the bit of extra range. Leeches are a joke, just don't friendly fire when they teleport into the middle of your team. Gutter runners are easy kills at almost any range. Even shooting them out of the air is easy with the GR. Packmasters, well packmasters you have to dodge.


As per usual the ult description is terribad. When you ult, you're invisible for 10 seconds, get approximately a 1.5x damage boost and treat super armor as regular armor. From what I can tell it adds more cleave. DRs ult is lord level stagger, so remember this utility when fighting bosses and when there's a packmaster that needs to be thrown. When you ult the stagger also saves you from those frustrating "follow through" hits you can take on other invisibility classes. The ult is on a 2 minute cooldown. You can do anything while invisible without losing it. With the 14 second duration talent, you can also go as far away as you want from the smoke bomb effect and still be invisible. This is unique to the DR class and really, really strong. You can melee, shoot, heal, rez teammates, run away, whatever.

This ult is a SV patrol destroyer and very helpful vs CW patrols. You already wreck normal SV and the ult lets you kill more than 1 at a time. When ulted it's also very easy to get directly behind Shieldvermin and shoot them in the back. This is a great time to utilize the, "shoot them in the legs" tactic as shieldvermin run towards your teammates and you place yourself directly behind them. Vs CW patrols you can ult and GR all the maulers. Then start 1h hammering the CW and shield marauders from behind the pack. Once you've lost invisibility a big chunk of the patrol will be gone and a chunk of what's left will switch aggro to you, relieving pressure from your team so they can go on the offensive. While you can damage CWs with your grudgeraker during this ult, it takes too many shots to be worth it. It's way better to spam 1h hammer heavies as you can kill 2-3 CWs in one ult if that's what you focus on. Concoction Potions (charm trait, not concentration potion), bomb, ult is a patrol deleter.

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Whenever there is an overwhelming amount of elites, or even trash mobs, bomb or ult. With your bomb dupe and bomb drops the, "oh shit" bar is much lower than other classes for bomb use. Your QP team isn't going to use bombs as fast as you collect them so keep chucking. Like WHC and tagging, not many people are used to playing with so many bombs. This is a great talent and more importantly FUN AF. Speaking of WHC, his tag bonus is great for this build. It hits pellet breakpoints for every taggable enemy so no matter what you're shooting at, your effective range is increased even more.

None of the potions are great on DR but concoction at least turns every potion into an ult refill and a few extra strong GR shots. Other than shade, you are the most survivable squishy class because of your ult. Take grims if there isn't a spare tank. A great tactic vs Shield vermin is to whack them off with hammer light attacks until they open their block, then switch to grudgeraker for a 1 shot kill.


The grudgeraker is pretty bad vs packmasters (Why??) but 2 full blasts will kill them. (10% skaven for 16 pellets, 20% for 15) Their slim profile makes this almost impossible but 2 decent shots will leave them low enough to kill with 1 light melee attack. Get good at dodging those hook bois and use your 1h hammer charged attacks vs them.

This build is weak vs bosses. Unless you're near an ammo box it's extremely difficult or maybe even impossible to 1v1 a Troll, unless you get lucky with grudgeraker crits. During boss fights, hordes/specials/elites are your priority. Keep the damage dealers safe. If you take a potion it's worth spamming GR shots until the effects wear off. If the only target is the boss I will use ammo until I'm down to about half then spam 1h hammer heavies. The one exception is the stormfiend controller – pound it with GR shots for the entire duration of an ult and you will do enough damage to make the ammo loss worth it.

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The breakpoints on this build are hard to hit and also make a big difference. You need 1 spare red charm and either a red grudgeraker or enough dust to roll 4-5% crit with a perfect 10% skaven or armor. With a red charm it's not too bad but you still need the resources and patience to roll a lot of GR properties.


If you start playing this build you will take hits with your d*ck grudgeraker out until you learn when it's appropriate to swing it around and when you need to be defensive. This class is ironically a great way to learn melee skills because constantly switching to your ranged weapon in melee range requires situational awareness, knowledge of enemy behavior/attack patterns and on point dodging.

I think Dwarf Ranger needs some light buffs and tweaking but he's a lot stronger than people think. I would reduce his ult timer from 120 to 90 seconds. Being able to move anywhere with the 14 second talent makes it a non-choice. It also feels like a bug, which would really make the class BW/WHC tier if it were removed. Either make it work like this for all the lvl 25 talents or if it's removed, make his smoke bomb radius much bigger and last longer by default. Replace/tweak his level 10 talents so movespeed isn't the only choice. Apparently conc pots not dropping with his pot talent is a bug but that talent would be an actual choice once it's fixed. Probably a tweak or two once I'm not thinking of.

Other than that, let me know what you think of the build and the class 🙂

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