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Increased headshot damage of ranged weapons versus super-armor (Chaos Warriors) in 1.2 Beta.

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Increased headshot damage of ranged weapons versus super-armor (Chaos Warriors) in 1.2 Beta.

From the beta patch notes:

Reworked damage calculation for headshots minimum damage output. Headshots should now scale better on higher difficulties for weak armor piercing weapons against armored enemies.

At first I had assumed this was just referring to regular armor damage with melee weapons, but apparently they also went through and adjusted almost every ranged weapon's performance against super-armor. Previously, all ranged weapons except Handgun, Kruber's Longbow, and fully-charged Bolt Staff shots would do near-zero (about 0.25) damage to Chaos Warriors on headshots. In beta, however, it seems that almost every ranged weapon now does at least some amount of damage to CW on a headshot.

After some testing, here's the most notable results I've found:

Longbow (Elf):

  • Headshot: 17.75
  • Crit headshot: 42.5
  • On WS w/ Arcane Bodkins, headshot becomes 22.0

Crossbow (Bardin/Saltz):

  • Headshot: 10.5
  • Crit headshot: 51.0
  • On WHC w/ Deathknell, headshot becomes 18.5

Beam Staff:

  • It's complicated due to the damage scaling based on channel duration on target, so I'm only testing full-power beam snipes.
  • Headshot: 11
  • Crit headshot: 32.75
  • Damage from the beam itself is still complete garbage, though.

Brace of Pistols:

  • Headshot: 3.75
  • Crit headshot: 25.5
  • Just pointing this one out because of the unusually high crit damage.

Most of the rest of them are still really low (usually about 2-4 damage), but at least non-zero.

Hopefully this will help in opening up some variety to loadouts, now that Elf and Saltz have an option for ranged super-armor damage. Stuff like Rapier+Xbow WHC or Spear+Longbow WS should be far less painful to play against Chaos now. Although this is unfortunately also a buff to Crossbow BH, so…

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