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Instant Assassin Pounce – Proposed Fix (Leech Treatment)

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There are two main problems with assassins:

1) They can leap at you immediately after spawning, giving you zero time to react or re-position.

2) They sometimes skip their 'crouching' animation that precedes their leap, this mostly occurs when they; Climb over something, are on a fence or drop down.


The solution I'm proposing fixes only the first issue, but there's another potential fix for (2) that I will talk about below. Basically, the idea is to make assassins not have access to 'leap' for the first 3 seconds after spawning.

A potential solution for (2) is to check whether they have been in the 'crouch' state for the ascribed time, approximately 0.5 seconds, before they are 'allowed' to leap. Or just prevent them from leaping for 0.5 seconds after they initiate crouch. This would hopefully prevent assassins crouch animation essentially being cancelled. Even if their crouch is cancelled, with the second option the pounce still goes off at the right time.



This issue has been around since VT1, but after Fat Shark listened to the community about leeches and fixed them, I thought it would be worth a shot to try and get them to fix one of the most frustrating ways of dying in the game.

TL;DR – Add a 'minimum time alive until leap' time just like Leeches change to their 'minimum time alive until teleport.'

Dying to something that requires you to have inhuman reaction times is not fun.

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