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Instead of disabling loot etc. on the modded realm, make it seperate

ttfvs8xl 1024x576 - Instead of disabling loot etc. on the modded realm, make it seperate

As title. Current system has the obvious issue where if you want to play with gameplay improving mods that aren't sanctioned (which is currently like all of them minus QoL improvements to UI etc) you are locked out of various core features of the game including

  • Crafting, meaning you can't change your weapons aslong as you're on the modded realm

  • Getting chests, meaning aslong as you play on the modded realm you're getting absolutely no new items

  • Leveling up, meaning you aren't able to progress your characters, nor get commendation boxes

  • Challenges, meaning you're locked out of everything you can do from Okris book

The obvious issue is that playing on the modded realm, as a result, is a significantly worse experience when it comes to these integral gameplay systems, which discourages installing gameplay-improving mods that may enhance ones epxerience with the game.

As far as I understand, the reasoning for this decision is because the develoeprs want achievements to be real and ensure none of the items showed off on the official realm are gained through cheats, mods, etc. That's fair and I don't think this is an unreasonable thing to value in principle.


However, due to above explained issues, it would be much preferred if one wasn't forced to play a "gimped" version of the game when playing mods. Why not keep two seperate save files, with maybe the option to sync the official realm progress to the modded realm (but not the other way around obviously)? The purpose behind this being that you would then be able to play on the modded realm, but still do challenges, get items, craft, and level your characters if you choose to do that.

This way, the best of both worlds is achieved: Modded realm is worthwhile to play on and does not completely kill any progression systems, and the official realm is still 100% official with no modded items or achievements. Mod sanctioning would still serve a purpose, obviously, and modders would be encouraged to make both unsanctionable mods and sanctionable ones. The only downside i can think of is that it would split the community a bit, which I don't think truly matters. VT1 has a tenth of the concurrent players and finding groups there isn't that hard.

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Please share your thoughts. I think it would serve the games longevity in all ways. Mods really do add a lot to video games, and it's a bit sad that modding is so restrictive in this game.

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