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warhammer 1 - Introducing RanaldsGift.com

I am happy to finally present you with…

www.ranaldsgift - Introducing RanaldsGift.com

Ranald's Gift

This is the successor to Verminbuilds, and by the next major update, this website should completely replace it.

For this project, I've used the Fatshark design philosophy.

I've taken all the features developed for the first iteration of the website (Verminbuilds) and cast them aside. No more user functionality. No more build editor functionality. No more weapon data pages. No more restart level button at the end of your mission.

The good news
Using this philosophy I was able rebuild the app from the ground up. Going forward, this will simplify the process of providing updates and adding additional features.

The bad news
Well, we lost most of the functionality that the website previously had, and these features will be re-added shortlyTM.

What have we got so far?
We have a Heroes page that let's you select a career and specify their talents as well as their melee, range and jewelry equipment. You can easily share the link for any configuration you've made by clicking the button in the top left corner of the screen.


That's it?
For now, yes that's basically it. I will be working on implementing the backend functionality that will allow us to restore the build editor feature. The plan right now is to have access to more information than previously, while also making that information more readily available and readable.

Other notes
The data for the DLC weapons was added by hand before release, and does not contain as much information as the rest of the weapons. This will be updated soon.


The different layouts were not heavily tested for various resolutions, and the browser support and device support testing was also very limited, so please let me know about issues on these fronts.

For the full UI experience you'll need at least 1900px browser width as of now. This is the UI that most resembles what we are familiar with in-game.

Oh, and Ranald decided to bless us with one more thing! He blesses us with his presence in robot form.

Introducing /u/RanaldBot!

Anyone can type '!build {careerId}/{talents}' in their post and the bot will reply with a link to the build. Theoretically you can also provide the details for equipment if you know the full URL scheme, but it would be much less readable than just the career and talents.

Right now the bot is hooked up to my user account because bots are limited based on their karma. I'm not sure what the threshold is, but he will be posting in this thread so if you see his comments, please upvote them! I'll switch the bot to /u/RanaldBot once he meets the threshold.

I'm sure there will be problems with the bot, so when it eventually goes offline or there's some other issue, just ping me and I'll try to take care of it.

If you guys have any feedback, any ideas for the site or for the bot, bug reports, or any other thoughts, please let me know!

Also big credit to /u/Zaphi0 and /u/__Craven__ for all the help along the way!

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