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Investigation on bot behaviour for better bot performance and single player experience (video)

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Hello vermintide subreddit, im planning on doing a "series" of some sorts in wich i play all maps only with bots/carrers on legend, its not that interesting but its just to help fatshark to improve bots and the single/duo experience, as of patch 1.2.1 im really happy with this patch, fixes most of the pathfinding on rightoust stand(ladder on the beggining for example) and the adition of the wheel was just so necessary.

Of course its not all sunshine and rainbows, its the end times remember, but theres some refines that needs work, like the "threat" system that affects bots, see some of the weird terrain pathfinding that doesnt allow bots to move on some maps sometimes, theyre fighting ability with some weapons that are not "meta", grouping, and formulating fixes and ideas to fatshark.

In this first video i decided to go "safe" and build my bots on with "meta" weapons(to start the "series"), and see how a normal single player experience looks like, seeing what goes wrong, how bots fight and use theyre abilities.

Bots are good i actually have so much footage of sienna just ogre dancing, but its just the little things that punish them so hard,if one bot goes down ALL bots go down, specially when theres hordes with some mix elites, this little pumpking screaming bell gameplay video has some of those problems in there.

Link: https://youtu.be/MT-64bPf2AQ

Why not a full book run?, because if they cannot peform "well" with normal health/pots ect, upping the difficulty for them would be unfair, in this video bots seem extremely good and they are in those condition but that doesnt apply every match, bots dealing with isolated bosses, its easy for them just like in a group of players, the situation there was kind of controlled and perfect actually,but that comes on the way ive paly the map, ive play it really safe, but add a horde, human factor and thing just get hairy for our AI friends they usually just succumb


I do not think bots should be crazy good, but just good enough so that you can somewhat forget about them, they do small litlle things that kills them and its just better to do a true solo run at that point, playing with bots its like babysitting, unless theyre in good spot they just struggle, if one separates, like and old movie said "if he dies, he dies",i truly want to trust bots, theyre more reliable than most players.

Next map will be: Athel im having a stroke yenlui

Bots: same carrers/ somewhat different talents, and different weapons

Screaming bell video bot setup:

Iron breaker Bot:

Weapon: Great Axe 10% vs choas 26% block cost reduction Resourcefull combatan

Range: Shotgun 5%crit chance 5.5% vs monster Scrounger

Necklace: 20% health 30% block cost reduction, Natures bond

Charm: 10% vs infantry, 5% atack speed ,Home brewer

Trinked: 33% curse resistance, 5% movement speed Explosive ordenance

skill tree: 5(2), 10(3), 15(3), 20(2), 25(2)

Sienna unchained Bot:

Weapon: Fire sword 5% crit chance, 5% atack speed, resourcefull combatan

Range: Beam staff 7% skaven, 10% vs monster, thermal equalizer

Neclace: same as iron breaker

Charm: same as iron breaker

Trinked: same as iron breaker

skill tree: 5(3),10(1),15(3),20(2),25(1)

Footknight kruber Bot:

Weapon: Halbert, 4% crit chance, 3.2% atack speed, Resourcefull comabatan

Range: Musket, 7.5% vs monster, 5% crit chance, conservative shooter

Neckclace:10% damage reduction vs chaos, 30% block cost reduction

Charm: same as other bots

Trinked:same as other bots

Skill tree: 5(2),10(3),15(2),20(2),25(1)

Thank you so much for reading my wall of text and if your a developer keep up the good work, also if you wanna donate me your reds i dont have a problem hehe, ill go to sleep

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