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To put my whole post in context I want to start by saying I am talking about playing solely on Legend difficulty. This may also apply to Champion, however, my focus is Legend as it is the only difficulty I’ve played in the past 200 hours. Now let’s get into it; wall of text incoming!

There seems to be this prevalent idea in this sub that there are two classes that are subpar and don’t perform as well as the rest; those classes being Battle Wizard and Witch Hunter Captain. While I agree that these classes need some changes and are generally weaker, I would argue IB may even be worse (side note: it would be way too long, this post already is, to make the case for WHC and BW so my next sentence should be treated as my thesis). I will be making the case that IB is an incredibly weak class in Legend, and Slayer accomplishes everything IB does but better.

IB’s main strength is he is a damage sponge. The little guy usually manages to be the last alive during a wipe. While at first glance this may seem like a great reason to pick him, but there’s a tradeoff. His damage with melee weapons is beyond terrible and his range weapons are just meh or straight up bad. His shield weapons are pointless. Staggering enemies, may seem like a great benefit, however, it is really lackluster as when playing Legend you have to kill, and you have to kill fast. None of his shield weapons accomplish this. The extra stamina is nice but past 5 shields is entirely unnecessary. His none shield weapons such as the warpick, 2H axe, hammer, 2H hammer are good weapons but are better used on Slayer. Slayer has faster attack speed and talents/skills designed for efficient rat slaying.

What about IB’s range weapons? Two of the msot common range weapon choices I see people pick are the drakefire pistols and drakefire cannon. I can not stress enough how terrible the cannon is. You may consider it a fun weapon which I totally understand, you incinerate hordes! Unfortunately, incinerating hordes is quite literally the only thing it does, it tickles bosses, it is an ineffective way to kill elites, specials laugh at it, and chaos warriors shrug it off. Drakefire pistols are relatively similar but they have slightly worse horde control but do the other things slightly better but still not that well. Additionally, it is an inaccurate aoe weapon and even with the massive decrease in damage done to friendly targets many still seem to take stupid chunks off my health with reckless shots. If you’re good enough to play in Legend, every class has about a million ways to clear hordes in melee range without taking significant or any damage (hint: temp hp on kill is incredibly powerful). His other choices while, they may not be bad, grudge for example is really powerful, accomplish the same thing other classes can do but better than IB. When you pick IB or Slayer killing specials should not be of much concern. Sure there are times you can help out but you are way down on the list of who should peel off the enemies to shoot that gas rat.


The other strength of IB comes from his ultimate disruptor. Out of all the disrupting ults, however, his is one of the worst as it only taunts allowing your teammates to attack but not you so much if you get surrounded, which is when you usually use it. Mercenary’s ult knocks all the enemies down while giving temp hp and has overall a much larger impact. Footknight can charge through knock enemies down. allowing FK to reposition and being able to knock down larger enemies. Even WHC ult staggers while giving a nice boost to crit to all your teammates albeit on too long of a CD. Slayer’s is honestly incredible as it gives you enough breathing room to start attacking, an attack speed buff, and obviously it has the leap allows you to use it to save a teammate away from you. Slayers ult has less impact on one use than IB’s but you can use Slayers many times in one wave giving it a much greater impact overall than IB’s.

I already made some comparisons to Slayer but I want to get to the point of this post, IB can’t hold a candle when compared to Slayer. He is as tanky, does lots of damage, and is the dwarf class to pick if you wish to be on the frontline. The talent that decreases damage taken by half or maximum of 10 is huge. This talent can’t be oversold, it is the bees knees of talents and increases your survivabilty a ton. When you add the plethora of temp hp you get, you’re as tanky, if not more so, than IB. To put it all together we get four points.

  • Slayer can accomplish the same wave clear as IB with the same risk (skaven or chaos).

  • Slayer is unarguably much better at dealing with elites and bosses. Specials are neither IB's job or Slayers. Overall potential DPS on slayer is miles higher than IB.

  • IB is mediocre at everything except for staying alive which is easily matched by a skilled player on Slayer.

  • IB is much easier to learn and play than slayer, however, if you are playing Legend that means you should have enough skill to play Slayer well with a little practice. IB is a great beginner class but falls off hard. This is why I believe IB to be truly the worst class for Legend runs.

With all this said if you find IB fun and like using the class I say the same thing as I say to Battle Wizards and Witch Hunter Captains, you can win and do well with anyone so go for it and have fun. If anyone has questions about how I play Slayer, clarifications, or want to present an opposing argument please go ahead and leave a comment.

Edit: Added to the 4th paragraph on range weapons.

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