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Is Foot Knight Kruber the Worst tank for legendary?

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I'm a Kruber main (30 + 110) but lately I have been migrating over to Zealot Saltzpyre because of his fantastic damage reduction capabilities for legendary. Looking back at Kruber, I feel that he needs some kind of distinguishable passive trait that helps him with better damage reduction since I see many FootKnight Krubers dying so early during pub runs.

Iron Breaker Bardin gets 30% dmg reduction + one free hit every 20 seconds and many others great permanent passive abilities.

Unchained Sienna gets half her damage taken over into overcharge which can get easily vented.

Zealot Saltzpyre with the right build loadout order is an absolute monster of a tank and the only career that I have successfully clutched with when I was the last one alive.


Foot Knight Kruber however CAN get 30% damage reduction with the cost of sacrificing a passive, but that 30% is hardly anything when monsters in legendary hit so damn high. I dont feel that any of the other tanky classes should get nerfed, but I feel that Foot Knight Kruber needs something in his kit that can make him survive better in Legendary. Overall when I play his career, I feel like I need to work alot harder with him to stay alive in comparison to all of the other tank classes. Have I been playing this class wrong all of this time (my career traits are 2,3,2,2,2 and running halberd/handgun, I can post my entire build later), or is he really the worse tank in the game at the moment?

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