Warhammer: Vermintide

is there any reason that careers are level-capped?

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 1 1024x576 - is there any reason that careers are level-capped?

playing this game for a while,

got lvl 30 on normie and dwarf, toxic girl and two psycho are 25.

anyway I don't really get it. at first I just thought 'there should be some kind of meaning… like career(class)is getting harder to use so it's like their(devs) recommendation?

and so far, only thing I agree with that is shade is harder to use than handmaiden. and every other career is kinda.. don't really see any point. there's not narrative related thing, or just some order like dealer-ranged-tanker kinda thing.. just random. I just don't really see what is the problem if someone just pick up the game and decide to play foot knight than mercenary.

for the very beginner level, most of the starting career is not the most easy one. don't see the point at all. if they were trying to make career unlock system based on difficulty or something,

I think

  1. foot knight -mercenary / hunter (foot knight should come first because HP and damage resistance from lvl 1)
  2. Ironbreaker – ranger veteran / slayer
  3. Handmaiden / waywatcher – shade
  4. zealot/witch hunter captain – bounty hunter
  5. unchained – pyromancer/battle wizard

would be better? or anything? just remove the system?

it should not be considered based on geared up 30 lvl character. they(new players) lack talent points, properties on items and weapon loadouts can be just pure random. some careers are more dependant on some crucial talent point than others. I just don't get it. naturally new players will choose a character, play first career, unlock new career and try them. like in similar games. but this game just took the look of that system but not the actual reason.

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