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Isn’t it strange how the first Vermintide does some things day better than the sequel?

2603122 2013 06 07 00001 1024x576 - Isn't it strange how the first Vermintide does some things day better than the sequel?

I'm kind of obsessed with VT2 since it came out. It's been one of my favorite games these past few months and I have around 500 hours played in it. That being said, I was starting to get bored so I figured I'd buy the first one and the DLC to see where the franchise started.

I was expecting the game to be an outdated mess but what I instead got was basically…better than VT2? I figured I jumped in as Saltzspyre with a greatsword and and I was very pleased to see that in Vermintide 1, the greatsword doesn't have the reach of a dagger and is a solid weapon choice. In fact, after playing a bit with what was available for the melee classes, I'd say the weapon balance is way better in VT1 than in VT2. The black powder weapons also feel like they had more responsive shots.


Not only that but the crafting system is just objectively better than in VT2. It's reliant on luck but you can do stuff like compare what you're rerolling to and opt to keep what you have instead.

The quest system they have in place is also >>> to the deeds system. Literally no one gives a shit about deeds because it takes a group of organized players and the risk way exceeds the rewards. In VT1 they have a weekly quest system and the reward is an actual item that you know what its gonna be so you can decide if you wanna do the quest or not. Plus, its entirely personal so you dont have to bother a group of randos that just want to do some quickplay.

The things that VT2 really improved upon are important however: the feel of the melee combat is more fun and the level design is far superior in VT2.

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