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“Issue” As a “veteran” player, I’m getting sick of VT2

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Alright after 100+ hours of legend I am starting to get sick of this game. Don't get me wrong, I love the setting and it's not getting boring but the special spawns are ridiculously stupid! I am okay with spawns like Boss + Horde for example. Or even if there are 1 or 2 specials mixed into it.

What I am not okay with is shit like Chaos Patrols of 10+ armoured warriors spawning ON TOP of the group, 6+ special spawns in 45 seconds or less and/or 3-4 specials of the same kind during hordes (even 2 gasrats are already bad enough since there is no way of lessening the damage like in VT1… and don't come running with the 10% less area damage).
Gasrats spawning in front of the group, instantly throwing their globes… At least fix your damned spawn locations, guys… That'd already be great. It worked in Vermintide 1, why is it going downhill now?


What exactly were they thinking? "Oh, we got more specials over all now, so let's just throw them all at them at the same time!"? There's a difference between hard and fun (or fun BECAUSE it's hard) and tediously hard because of imbalanced specials which simply isn't fun anymore.

Usually I'm not one to complain but this time it doesn't just feel like the developers abandoned their hardcore fans but they abandoned reason at the same time!

EDIT: As I'm getting tired of explaining it in the comments… This thread is NOT!!! I repeat NOT about the game being boring after 154 hours (which is my total play time right now), it's about how frustrating clumped spawns and certain spawnlocations are. So please: Don't bother commenting if it's just "Well after 100 hours I'd be bored too", because I'm not. Thank you.

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