Warhammer: Vermintide

It is not about being a jack-of-all trades.

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - It is not about being a jack-of-all trades.

This does seem a bit obvious but I feel the need to say it all none-the-less The game is about a team effort, working together as a group.

So, what do I mean about it not about being a Jack-of-All trades? Simple… You are not alone, and you do not have to be the top of everything, just play your part and your team will be better off for it.

Lets take a few examples to explain it more clearly;

Say you play Footknight, you've got yourself a Halberd and a Blunderbuss, a horde has spawned a Hookrat has just grabbed your Slayer and a Blightstormer is off in the distance about to cast his vortex. All three of these things can be fatal if not dealt with, but you cannot do them all… So what can you do? Well you play your part, you're a Footknight, your role is to protect your team and control a situation. With a quick charge to push the enemies down and save your Slayer a quick flick to the Blunderbuss to kill that Hookrat has your team member alive and ready to get back in the fight, or a quick flick to the Blunderbuss without the charge if it isn't ready and then a switch back to keep the Horde at bay.

Same situation but you're playing as Sienna with a Beam Staff, you can see Kruber is in position to deal with the Hookrat and save your team member, so you can save your team by dealing with the Blightstormer in the distance to prevent the situation getting worse with a quick snipe and with that you're ready to get back to clearing the horde.


Lets look at a reversed situation. Same circumstances, same players, different decisions.

Slayer identifies the Blightstormer in the distance, decides to leap away from the group to try chase it down, ends up getting hooked or surrounded and alone.

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Sienna sees the Slayer is hooked and focuses all her attention on that situation, runs in with the shotgun blast on the Beam Staff to control the horde and try clear a path. Meanwhile the Vortex is now being cast and the players have little room to run.

Kerillian wanted to get a bunch of quick kills on the incoming Skavenslaves and opted to use her ultimate ability instantly to ensure she gets those green circles, however now she is stuck in the melee, with no quick ult ability to potentially save the Dwarf or kill the now casting Blightstormer.

Footknight sees the Blightstormer in the distance once the vortex has been cast, wanting to be the one to save the day, pulls out his Blunderbuss and starts firing it off into the distance doing minimal damage, causing the Blightstormer to simply teleport to an unreachable location behind cover.

Every single game (Unless you play with the same people every time) is going to change the role you fit into, which means we all need to quickly identify what it is we can each do to benefit our team the most and not worry about personally dealing with every single problem which might occur in a game.

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