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It takes 66 weeks to get all the cosmetics for Shadow over Bögenhafen

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I made a post on the official forums where I played around with some numbers to try and see how much you'd have to grind for the new cosmetics; and I'd thought I post a similar post here, to make it harder for Fatshark to ignore.

If the DLC added one new illusion for every weapon (54), one new character skin (15) and one new hat (15), there would be a total of 84 new cosmetics for the DLC. Not to bad for a 8€ DLC, one might think. But oh wait.If you do both new maps on legendary difficulty, all the new legendary challenges, and the four easter-egg challenges, you get a total of 18 of the Bögenhafen crates. That means, that there are 66 cosmetics you still have to get, and because the new crates drop the cosmetics for a random character, the 18 cosmetics you get, might be completely worthless to you.


That leaves you with one option, grind the weekly challenge for one (!) crate per week. That is, 66 weeks of playing the game, to get the cosmetics you payed 8€ for. If you are damn unlucky, the skin you want, or the illusion, could be the very last thing you get, after playing for 66 weeks. Lets face it, that is pathetic. Noone will play this game for 66 weeks for cosmetics that for the most part seem to be re-colouring of already existing illusions and skins.

At this point in time, I don't even think Fatshark is malicious towards their players, I simply think it's down to pure incompetence. It might sound harsh to say it like that, but I honestly think that is the case. They simpy have no clue in heaven what they are doing with this game, and how a game like this should work. The grind this DLC introduced for the playerbase to get everything is worse than the grindiest of Korean MMO. 66 weeks to fully complete a set of cosmetics introduced in a DLC is beyond anything I thought even possible. Pathetic.

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