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It’s Disappointing that so few weapons are “viable,” let alone “optimal” on Legend…

chivalry screenshot1 - It's Disappointing that so few weapons are "viable," let alone "optimal" on Legend...

I never really played Cataclysm much in V1 not because the spawns bothered me or even the reduced health, that stuff's cool and part of a fun challenge IMO, but I didn't because of the sponginess of the enemies. So few weapons were worth taking because of how piss-poor their damage was, often the best weapons being what could just bash a horde over and over until they FINALLY keeled over.

It was tough to judge this game as the power level fluctuated, but after playing about 100 hours on Legend and trying my best to get the anti Skaven/Chaos/Infantry traits on everything, it still is pretty annoying how some weapons feel like garbage or just flat-out cannot be used.

I've taken to playing Bardin and Kruber a lot more because their 2h melees and shotgun/rifles are some of the only ones minimally affected by this. Saltzpyre used to be my favorite but his weapon selection in Legend is absolutely abysmal. Pretty much the only loadout you can count on to play efficiently is the Falchion and Volleybow on Bounty Hunter, maybe save the standard crossbow.
It would seem that Fatshark assumes that if a 1h weapon has an advantage like swing speed then it needs to do shit damage to be "balanced." The 2h weapons on most classes are favored not just because of their damage, but because of their reach and crowd control abilities as well, and it's really tough to suspend my disbelief that a sharp object coming down on an enemy's head or body multiple times results in him just getting back up.


Light and single-target weapons really suffer. Saltzpyre's axe is just flat-out unusable on Legend because, even with my almost-full percentage damage bonuses, it can't even kill a Chaos Marauder with a headstrike, or a clan rat with a body blow. Kerillian's Daggers (or anything outside the Glaive, really), Bardin's Axe and Shield, Saltzpyre's Brace of Pistols, all weapons like these are just situational at best and still going to put you at a disadvantage. Even more niche weapons like the Flail take a stupidly large amount of hits to take down heavier enemies, which seems unfair given the toughness of that weapon to use effectively. And the sub-optimal careers like Witch Hunter Captain certainly don't help the lack of variety either.

Even the Firebomb is almost completely worthless on Legend: taking like 6 seconds or something to even burn down a shitty slave rat.

Champion feels so much closer to the mark with weapon viability as well as them being believable, but the lack of damage dealt or spawns of the enemy just make it too much of a cakewalk. Otherwise, headshots on a Stormvermin with the Brace of Pistols or on a Marauder with the Repeater Pistol are rewarded with them actually falling over dead. A 2h axe to the head kills a Marauder in one strike, but the 1h takes two uncharged. Pretty simple and understandable division.

I'm not saying roll back all their health completely as some weapons like the Glaive or Volleybow could be considered "thriving" right now, but reevaluate hits-to-kill on the lesser used weapons. Even if their respective damages were buffed, these weapons are still limited in stats like the aforementioned range and cleave, meaning the current meta weps will still be usable.

And of course, some careers, namely WHC, Zealot, and Battle Wizard really still need some tweaks to put them on par with their supposed side-grades.

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