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It’s the little things, y’know?

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There are things I find weird in this game that I write down every so often. I don't believe they deserve their own post, often because they are insignificant or there is a post about them already or I don't care enough. But enough of these little things have gathered that I feel I can make one big bloated post for them. My hope is that this list becomes obsolete as time goes on, that would be nice. Anyway, here's a bunch of bullshit in Vermintide 2, in no particular order.

The first candle for the second grim puzzle in War Camp is invisible, it is hard to see if it is lit or not.

Blightstormers continue chanting long after they are dead.

Incendiary bombs do not have a DoT.

To host a quickplay you have to start a custom game as a host, cancel out of the queue once you have other players in your keep, then queue up quickplay.

Kerillian's head clips through her default Waystalker outfit hood.

No one but the host can see curse resistance on player health bars. I imagine this one will be mitigated quickly with mods, but I'm listing it anyway.

The “revive speed %” property on trinkets does not apply to rescuing captives or pulling players up from cliffs. Speed potions also do not have an effect on revive speed, as far as I know. Feel free to correct me on that one.

Swift slaying does not have an icon for when it is active. I mean, you know when it is active, but still.

Tomes randomly fall through the world when people die, regardless of level or type of death.

You cannot ping multiple things at once, and some items seem to have a… bigger ping hitbox? Something? Something that makes them be pinged instead of what you want to ping.

War lord damage is not counted as boss damage, so it is not shown on the post-mission stat board.

Marauders/Fanatics/Raiders frequently say "taste my axe" in spite of the fact that they are clearly carrying swords or picks. Am I just not recognizing a very sword-like version of an axe? Are they saying something else? Taste my ass?


After killing Spinemangler, there is no sight of the chaos that should unfold after his death. One would think that with all the hype we would see at least a couple stormvermin killing each other. Oh yeah, and Spiny still gets stuck just standing still after summoning Ads while everyone pelts him with ranged, he waits until you melee him to continue fighting.

I've already made a large post about Stormfiends, but it bears repeating that they are Busted with a capital B.

Multiple character lines in Righteous Stand's finale, prior to ringing the bell, talk about gathering supplies. No supplies of any kind are present within the temple. Was this a closed beta thing, were there kits and ammo and barrels in the temple at one point?

Speaking of character lines, there are instances where subtitles do not match up/ characters speak with other character voices/ characters mistake each other for Bardin (especially Saltzpyre). I'm not going to list all the instances because wow, it's a lot.

Horde music gets stuck and loops infinitely, I see this happen most often on Festering Ground.

You cannot block-cancel Bardin's 2h axe light combo when it gets to the third hit.

There is a spot in Skittergate's beginning where you can stand and no enemies can get to you.

This isn't a bug, but having specials spawn during end-mission crescendo events would spice things up a little bit, at least for those of us that have literally given names to each scripted enemy that spawns.

Olesya frequently faces away from her little fire pit thingy while doing incantation motions. This is weird.

Huntsman's ult changes the FoV and I don't know about the rest of you, but that really fu*ks with me.

Sometimes Sienna's beam staff appears to shoot sideways, maybe a host/client issue.

That's all for now. Feel free to add more or correct me if I made a mistake. I'm excited for 1.1, maybe some of these things won't be around anymore.

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