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Jack Of All Trades (Master of.. Most!) -A Slayer Build-

warhammer 4 - Jack Of All Trades (Master of.. Most!) -A Slayer Build-

As a Slayer main since release, I've been away and come back to this game many times, but have always found this build to be solid. At level 35 + 234, the more I play, the more dwarf-like I become lol.
Slayer has limited room for build experimentation imo, which is good because you have a rock-solid info of what is good / bad. Dual Ham / 1h Axe is one effective route, Dual Axe / 2h Ham is another, these are the two typical builds. It's all down to your play style, but you could even have Dual Ham / 2h Hammer and go with Doomseeker + Mainstay talent, an aggressive defensive / stagger support build.

Although the Dual Ham / 1h Axe is a good build, I prefer Dual Axe / 2h Ham, so I'll share all I can about that particular build. This build will be directed towards Legend difficulty, and will be for players who want to adapt to any situation thrown at them, while chopping down any enemy, pulling off daring rescues etc.

My (Jack Of All Trades) Build:

Damage = Attack Speed + Crit Chance > Everything Else. (For Slayer, this is basic science)

Dual Axe: Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Swift Trait

2h Hammer: Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Swift Trait

Necklace: Stamina (For this build, better than block cost), Health (To beef you up a little), Barkskin Trait (Boon of Shallya is another option, Barkskin won't help much in Cata)

Charm: Attack Speed, Crit Power (Optional, it goes nice with your crit chance), Decanter Trait (This is very optional, some go with Concoction or Proxy. If it's Legend, go with Proxy)

Trinket: Crit Chance, Stamina Recovery (Boy, is this useful), Shrapnel Trait (ALWAYS Shrapnel Trait).

(For LEGEND & Cata, you can use Curse Resistance, but personally, once you kick the crutch, you do more damage and learn to dodge + block more effectively.)

– Talents –

Slayer's Fury: This build is an elite killer + crowd clearer. You'll get more temporary health from killing single targets than damaging enemies in one swing with 2h Ham. There's never shortage of elites.

Hack & Slash: It's the only option with Dual Axe / 2h Ham Build.

Smiter: IMPORTANT, you will do more damage with this than Mainstay because this build isn't stagger damage focused. Mainstay would be suitable for Dual Ham.


Adrenaline Surge: High Tally used to be the obvious choice way back. With this, you'll always have Leap available, to clear space & give attack speed. Remember, Attack Speed IS your damage!

Grimnir's Focus: Again, Oblivious to Pain used to be the obvious choice, not anymore. This will give you a damage reduction to ALL damage, including normal mob attacks. Always sneak in a heavy attack. 40% Damage reduction, you NEED this. Slayer is squishy without.

No Escape: Crunch! is another option, maybe more suiting for stagger build. Personally, I prefer this because that speed buff has helped me save many comrades and gotten me out of tight spots.

– Additional Notes + Hints –

Slayer is.. easy to learn, but kinda hard to master the higher the difficulty.
You are the main melee elite killer, cutting through them like butter. You'll get excited when you hear a patrol, while your comrades quiver in fear. You're squishy without your buffs active, but if you keep them up + Barkskin, you can take an impressive amount of hits.

You'll have less stagger but more on-hit damage so you'll clear multiple enemies faster. If the crowds get a bit too much, hammer heavy attack sorts that out.
The Dual Axe push attack followed by 2h Ham light attack normally instant kills anything lower than Chaos Warrior, CW taking 3-5 hits in Legend with hammer light attack on Legend.

Use Leap while reviving to clear mobs from you, this is handy. If someone is far, use Leap speed boost to save the day. You are the fastest medic on the field.

When it comes to Monsters.. You can do decent damage attacking from behind, the moment you take aggro just dodge + block, be defensive, Slayer isn't an amazing anti-monster class.

CW, Stormvermin, all Berserker mobs, Elites.. These are nothing to you, just food for your temporary health. Focus these above regular mobs.

End Note –
Slayer is a jack of all trades, master of.. most. You have more potential to save the day than any other class imo. You're not a tank, but you're fast, and one of (if not THE most effective) melee damage class. You'll be able to show off incredible feats and pull off daring rescues.
Always be smart though, don't isolate yourself or risk too much. You'll handle 90% of what the game can throw at you. But beware of that 10%…

(Any questions, just ask ^ ^)

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