Warhammer: Vermintide

Joke Class Concept: Markus Kruber, Priest of Ranald

warhammer 2 - Joke Class Concept: Markus Kruber, Priest of Ranald

"Something's up with Kruber recently, he's been walking around in odd clothes, shuffling some weird deck everywhere he goes, and even more concerning he's actually been beating me in cards." – Lohner

Passive Perks:

"Loaded Dice": Ranald's Gift is always maximum at the end of every level, and Monsters,Bosses, and Loot Rats drop extra dice

"Full House": If Kruber doesn't draw from the deck 15 seconds after it is off cooldown, he'll be struck by lightning.


Cestus: A Cestus is basically old school brass knuckles, in the case of Kruber it would be a leather wrap full lined with gold coins. It would basically be like Slayer's axes, low stamina, high general damage but obviously rather then axes, it is Kruber's fists.

Flinlock Pistol: A singular pistol, it does higher damage then Saltz' flintlocks but it is obviously slower since Kruber has to reload it manually.

Ability: Ranald's Devious Deck, pick a card any card.

Kruber pulls out a mysterious deck of Cards and pulls from 15 different options ranging from great to terrible.

The 15 Cards:

"Golden Gun": Kruber pulls out a super high damage ornate flintlock it does a ton of damage and goes through armor, if he gets a kill with it it gets reloaded if he doesn't it goes away.

"Double, Double, toil and trouble": Every single potion effect is applied to Kruber for 30 seconds.

"Thieves' Den": A bunch of loot rats will spawn on Kruber.


"Bombs Away!": Kruber gets infinite bombs for 20 seconds.

"Extra Guy": Kruber and a teammate get an extra life which will instantly bring them back as if they had been rescued after they die.

"Just One Drink": The entire team gets the 3 drinks "drunk" effect for 30 seconds.

"Enemies on Parade": A patrol spawns near by.

"Uh-Oh": A boss spawns nearby.

"Hazardous Working Environment": A bunch of bomb rats spawn along with two blightstormers(Has a higher chance of being drawn when near a ledge)

"Death": Kruber dies, but he explodes into loot dice.

"Super Speed": Kruber has a speed potion applied to him for a full minute.

"Vomit": Kruber and any near by teammates have bile troll vomit applied to them for 20 seconds.

"Wutelgi Aim": All shots will home in on teammates for 30 seconds.

"Bardin Sings": Bardin sings a song, and if Bardin isn't already in your team an A.I. Bardin will join and stick around until the end of the map.

"Coin Flip"(CAN BE DISABLED): Kruber flips a coin, 50% chance a random party member gets an Emperor's Chest(or highest tier equivalent for that difficulty) 50% chance for an instant wipe.

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