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Just finished all careers on Legendary (Xbox) and wanted to give summarize and review the experience.

warhammer 10 - Just finished all careers on Legendary (Xbox) and wanted to give summarize and review the experience.

First off I'd like to start out by saying it was a blast. Really. I don't remember the last time I was wanting to play a video game as much as I was during this period. This game is fantastic. I enjoy the skill ceiling, the important details with noises, understanding the swing timers of bosses – and confidently handling it. There's copious things I could list off that make me keep playing Vermintide, and I won't bore anyone with more reading than I have to. Nor am I some professional at this game nor claim to be. In these past few weeks I've spent a good amount of time playing this game with each hero for completion sake, and while it's still somewhat fresh on my mind, I'd like to throw it out to you guys. If there's any question about the build I used (again I'm no expert), I'd be delighted to give it out. Worked for me.

I started in beta, and played casually until the first DLC came out then needed to put some things aside due to circumstances beyond it. I comeback I think the last day of December and just did weaves until 3 weeks ago. Not being able to find other players for weaves, I went back to the regular content in hopes of finding people to do weaves with. Unsuccessful in my venture, so I just decided to do the regular missions. The last bit of context for this is that I had to solo much of this (maybe due to a weird time playing, or at the time unbeknownst to me, Legend was bugged and spawning too many specials at the same time. Fort Bracks never stopped spawning SV and Monks during the end event – ever), so I had Merc/Unchained/Handmaiden and would rotate out obviously with whatever I needed to work on but these were my core.


I was blown away by the differences in how the classes felt, even down to careers within the same hero. Sure, there might be overlap with weapons and somewhat similar talents, but they each fit a role in their unique way.

Sienna was 27 when I started to actually try to learn her mechanics and try different builds. I had this idea that she was a glass cannon type role, which half her damage was thrown at her own team. There's still truth in that. But she grew on me. BW straight roasting with 600+ kills a game with less than a combined 20 kills from your melee and range, to Pyro's incredibly fast paced play style with a Attack speed/Crit build. Loved it. I didn't branch much on Unchained, I just kept flailing with her – of all 3 careers she was my least favorite. If I had a qualm with any career, it's that BW with a certain build trivialized the game to me. And don't hear that like "I'm too good for this", but the opposite. The difficulty of many scenarios paled in comparison to every other career based strictly off of 2 talents. Fun in spurts, but overall I don't think it's a good direction.

Kruber also wasn't max level. And out of all the heroes to finish, he was my least favorite. Merc and Foot Knight are both great, it's just I couldn't find the weapons that kept me going to practice. The Exec Sword felt great with good Attack Speed, but again, just not my thing. I will say that the Foot Knight's ability is a lot of fun. Looking for the right angles to just push a boss off a ledge to end it threw another cog in the wheel of combat. Prior to wanting to finish this, I'd never played Huntsman, and the ones that I'd seen made me want to avoid him altogether. But now, that career is hands down my favorite. I've only done, and attempted, less than 15-20 Cata missions on him, so my opinion on him may vary on him once I do Cata regularly.


Bardin. He's short. Probably benches 600+. Trying to solo Athel as IB was incredibly boring, and I'm not afraid to admit that my bot Merc did 1000 more dmg than me. Throwing Axes are a blast. 1 Shotting specials/sv with +20 to armor and +10 to Skaven. Overkill? Honestly I've no idea, but it was satisfying nonetheless. 2H mace is still the bees knees and continues to be one of my favorite weapons in the game, and it's on another level with Slayer. RV feels off. He was the only career I had finished prior to this and I'm glad I did. Maybe I could find something that works for me on him if I continued to search for it, but he just feels lackluster.

Saltz. I did not have 1 game done on legend on any of this careers prior to starting this, so I really did feel like it was my first time playing him. All three careers felt unique, with BH taking my choice of the three. I didn't play with his build much. I liked the idea being able to kill bosses in seconds assuming I landed my head shots with a special. The fact that I could 1 shot any special every 6 seconds was amazing. With WH and Zealot, admittedly I didn't play with weapon choices. The Axe and Falchion were too enjoyable to me to try something else. I did 1-2 games with the Rapier on WH with the headshot talent, but I kid you not – the appearance of the Rapier made me want to switch it. Plus the bleed build with the A/F is wild. I appreciate the creativity with Zealot. Resources being tied into your HP is just another element of uniqueness that other careers don't quite share. And he absolutely tears crap apart at the right thresholds of hp while never dying.

Kerillian. Just a machine. The most memorable times are with Shade and her new talents since I last played. The sweet combinations and the varying in play style that the talent choices bring is welcoming. Go crazy, crazy poison damage with dagger/hag, while being able to replenish your ammo with backstabs makes you think and play different than with a Sword/Dagger with a long-bow as ranged.


If there is any feedback with the gameplay of Vermintide (apart from what I said about BW) has little to nothing to do with the actual gameplay to me. The amount of disconnects for whatever reason is still astounding. And I'm glad this was fixed, so I'll add this for memory sake. But when someone would load into your game and one of your bots would disappear until they joined – this may take 5-10 minutes. You better hope 2-3 people don't try and join. And lastly, people loading into your game stinks right now but for other reasons. And again, this might vary on PC, so take all of this with a pound of salt.

This post is already too long, and I didn't care much for formatting as long as the point was clear with what I was wanting to convey. So in closing – I enjoy the careers, the weapons, and talents very much. There's roles for each of them, while providing enough space for you to master it.

Thanks for reading!

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