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Just in case I can make a difference: Feedback

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Lets get the good stuff out of the way:

Weapon Feel is even better than in the first game, which is honestly impressive. It was the one thing I thought they wouldn't be able to improve because it was already so fantastic in the first one.

Enemy variety is fantastic.

Loot System is a vast improvement over the first game and actually feels rewarding.

Map Design is several orders of magnitude better than the first game on the whole.

Problems in my opinion:

  1. Leveling. First off, 1000% disagree on careers being locked behind levels. It's just arbitrarily limiting and grindy. Second, I honestly think leveling each character separately is a problem. In a game where you are expected to not main any one character, needing to go back and separately grind each character is a massive pain in the ass, and places a significant limiting factor on group formation when everyone has to start thinking about what characters they have that can actually play at what difficulty. Spending 100+ hours getting all the characters to level cap may not be a lot for the people who play every day and spent 2500 hours on the first game, but I guarantee it's going to be a problem for the average person, and I've got a strong suspicion it will just lead to a lot of burnouts.

  2. Range on certain enemies is broken. Plague Monks and Berserkers in particular have attack animations that do not line up with the reach of their weapons. You take hits even when the edge of their weapon is 3 feet away from you, at least.

  3. Sorcerers are broken. The teleport needs a significant nerf in terms of range and a significant increase in cooldown. Having a windboi cast his spell and then immediately teleport 300 yards away behind a building is not fun and doesn't feel fair.

  4. Shielded stormvermin in particular feel extremely odd. It's as if they have a 360 degree block bubble and I think what it takes to break that block is a bit excessive. Definitely could do with tuning down in my opinion. The absolute hardest thing in this game so far has been a shielded stormie patrol imo.

Balance I'm not going to talk about as I don't think I have a good enough picture of it yet to give any real thoughts out.

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