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Kerillian 4th Class Concept – Darkweaver (Lore of Shadows Mage)

warhammer 2 - Kerillian 4th Class Concept - Darkweaver (Lore of Shadows Mage)


Kerillian discovers she has an aptitude for using the lores of magic, enough for her to become a dedicated mage, at least at an apprentice level. Under the tutelage of Olesya, Kerillian learns to wield the Lore of Shadows and emulates her mage kin, the spellsingers.

The idea was to add a magic oriented class to a character other than Sienna, and Kerillian was the most suited to this by far of the current cast, given all Elves have an aptitude to magic to some degree, and her relative youth could explain why this aptitude wasn't discovered previously. I also wanted to brainstorm the idea of a class that uses stealth defensively, compared to the Shades offensive oriented stealth.

Gameplay (Weapons)

The first is a staff that allows her to cast the spell Shadow Daggers, where Kerillian can conjure and fire sharp bolts of magic, and can be charged with M2 to conjure and fire multiple projectiles that are fired rapidly, up to 5. An effective weapon for single target elimination, or clearing crowds in tight hallways. Comparable to Sienna's Bolt Staff.

The second staff allows her to cast The Penumbral Pendulum. Kerillian fires out a swinging pendulum dealing damage in a line, up to a certain range. Holding M2 allows Kerillian to target the ground and cast the spell in a horizontal line across instead. A weapon that specializes in crowd clearing. Comparable to Sienna's Conflagration Staff, with the M1 and M2 essentially switched.

Lastly, a simple addition of a 1h dagger weapon that's comparable to Sienna's ceramonial dagger. Just to give Kerrlian, and by extension this class, additional non-dual weapon choices.

While in this class, Kerillian is unable to dual weaponry or the Spear and Shield. Limiting her to the 1h sword, 1h axe, Elven Dagger, Glaive, Spear, and 2h sword. She's also unable to use her other ranged weapons.

Gameplay (Mechanics)

Passive Ability – Illusionist – Upon taking melee damage, Kerrilian casts an emergency illusion spell that has her enter stealth for X seconds. Once every X seconds, Kerrllian will enter stealth upon using a charged staff ability (the M2 ones).


Career Skill – The Withering – Kerillian slams down her staff and emits a fog, weakening all enemies in radius around her. All enemies effected take increased damage, and are unable to block attacks.


Level 10

Throttling – Ranged spells from staffs now deal DoT.

Shadow Knives – Shadow Dagger staff can now conjure additional knives when charged.

Pit of Shades – The Penumbral Pendulum staff, when charged, instead places a damaging circle on the ground that deals damage over time.

Level 20

Doppelganger – Illusionist now creates an illusionary double of Kerillian, instead of putting her in stealth, upon charging a staff ability. Attracting enemies in a short radius to target it instead of her or allies. Illusionist no longer effects Kerillian upon taking melee damage.

Illusion of Darkness – Illusionist can now effects allies when they receive melee damage, with reduced stealth time, each character has their own cooldown period.

Mindslip – Illusionist stealth time is doubled, melee and staff charge stealth activations now share a cooldown.

Level 25

Mutable Visage – Kerillian is less likely to be targeted by special class enemies.

Mockery of Death – Kerillian cannot be attacked while downed, cooldown of X seconds (lengthy).

Embodiment of Ulgu – Kerrlian receives X% less damage from ranged attacks.

Level 30

Healing Mist – Allies within the radius of the Withering are now healed for X temporary HP.

Gloom – The Withering will additionally put Kerrilian into stealth for X seconds upon activation.

Okkam's Mindrazor – While The Withering is active, Kerrilian's attacks are guaranteed to crit.


That's it, I had previously wanted to post a concept for a Warrior Priest class for Saltspyre but I thought this one would be more fun to post and discuss. Lemme know what you think and if you think anything seems overpowered or whatever.

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