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Kicked players rejoining to grief and team-kill repeatedly

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This is going to come off as venting my frustration and it is a long post, but I'm just fed up with this happening when I host lobbies. I don't come onto Reddit often, so I don't even know if this post is appropriate and I'm probably just another person complaining about some issue with the game. I tried to bold the details that are important, to help people who don't want to read the entire wall of text. Sorry about the long read.

I'll just provide some basic context here. Since a lot of people recommend hosting games rather to potentially running into hosts who abuse their power to be unkickable, I've began hosting all my games, even though unreasonable hosts hasn't really been too much of an issue for me. Mostly, I've been doing that just to be able to choose maps and choose ones that other randoms in my lobby want. I have to play with randoms because I don't have many friends that play this game at all, or they stopped playing.

I was hosting a Champion-level lobby and playing with randoms, since that's the highest difficulty that I'm willing to attempt on pub games and still be able to easily carry people regardless of their skill level. I don't enjoy playing with randoms on Legend at all, so I accept playing a lower difficulty and carrying players who need help or need to do challenges.

A low-level player joins the game and constantly antagonizes every single patrol, shooting at them in the distance even when some players are struggling to stay alive and keep their health up, even during hordes. I respectfully ask the low-level to stop shooting them when they're completely avoidable and far off in the distance and he's immediately super pissed off, shouting "DON'T GIVE ME ADVICE. I DON'T NEED IT." I don't really know why he was even that angry since no one else even really that upset. So everyone else in the lobby vote-kicks him instantly because everyone is getting fed up with him for A. aggroing every single patrol, B. not listening to advice when others ask him to please stop pissing every enemy off when avoidable, and C. being super angry and loud in the voice chat to the point of obnoxiousness.

Within a minute after everyone unanimously vote-kicks him, he joins back and is once again going ape-shit with "OH, HOW TOXIC OF YOU TO KICK ME?," which is ironic. Then he begins shooting everyone for no reason, even people who didn't say anything or have anything to do with giving him friendly advice, period. The fact that he couldn't stand people giving him advice in a respectful manner was enough already. At this point, he is literally ranting furiously in voice chat and saying garbage like "WELL, ONE OF YOU FU*KERS IS GIVING ME ADVICE, I DON'T CARE!" or "I PLAY LEGEND, SO SHUT THE FU*K UP!," even though no one really gives a shit how skilled you are if you are being toxic and actively attacking your teammates like that.


We kick him again, but no, he comes back again and because we were near the end of the game, the vote-kick button is greyed out and he cannot be kicked anymore. I understand why that feature exists – to prevent people from kicking someone at the last minute – but that doesn't justify why a successfully-kicked player can just keep rejoining in the first place. Blocking people on Steam also doesn't work, obviously. I heard that checking the Private checkbox after pressing might work, but I do not know if that actually works. He keeps going on deliberately shooting us, throwing bombs at us, and deliberately using barrels against us even during hordes and boss fights. Eventually, I just ended the lobby entirely, canceling the game, because it just became unplayable at that point and he actually managed to get two players killed, leaving me to solo the game. But at that point, no one felt like playing anymore and neither did I.

Now, yes, maybe we could've still managed to win the game even with him constantly shooting and bombing people, although at least part of the team would've been dead for part of the game. But the fact that people like him can come rejoin my lobbies regardless of how many times we kick him, up until the game nears the end where they then become completely immune to kicking, makes me think there should be some improvements to the matchmaking system. The only solution I have would be to run private lobbies, but that would force me to play with bots frequently since I don't have many friends to play with at all, and many of them aren't actively on this game.

I'm going to sound dramatic or sarcastic, but it's incidents like this that make me not want to play the game, even though the majority of matches are good and this game is truly such a good game with enormous potential. I'm not bored of the game at all, even after getting used to playing all the higher difficulties and getting most characters to level 30. I'm not ranting about Fatshark and I'm not ranting about "OMG, EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY IS BAD!" None of the problems with this as*hole player had to do with game bugs or skill level. It's that kicked players can just rejoin lobbies they've been kicked from, to a certain point where they can't be kicked anymore once the game progresses or at least can rejoin indefinitely. No one wants to spend half their game pressing over and over, because that is simply not fun and completely distracts you from what the game is really supposed to be about. I acknowledge that Vermintide 2 is a really good game, one of the best co-op games that I have played, in my opinion, period. But when I have to deal with completely solvable incidents like this approximately once a day, it really makes the game less attractive and holds it back from being a better game, even though I already think it is a good game despite any of its flaws. So this is not a post about the game being "bad." This is merely one incident.

A simple fix for this is to make kicked players banned from rejoining the exact same lobby again. I think many games do that, especially co-op games, so I don't think it is the most outrageous request. What's the point in kicking someone if they can just rejoin until the game nears the end, where they then become immune to kicks, and then keep on team-killing people freely for the final part of the game? I don't wish that kind of bullshit on anyone.

EDIT: I apologize for anyone who read all the way to the bottom here. It was a very long post!

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