Warhammer: Vermintide

kruber and saltzpyre do be kinda gay for each other doe

warhammer 1 - kruber and saltzpyre do be kinda gay for each other doe

it's kind of sad that i have to write this note up at top first because we truly haven't progressed past homophobia in the cursed year of 2020, even while it has been made legal in many countries lately to marry someone of the same sex, but obviously – and this really should just go without saying – rude comments aren't necessary, and are frankly usually very disheartening and disappointing to have to read. i also don't owe it to absolutely anyone to disclose this information, but before i potentially get any remarks that are negative and probing–yes, i am bisexual, and yes, that alters my perception of video game characters' sexualities into typically assuming fictional characters can be attracted to anyone regardless of their gender, until there is solid, concrete evidence of them having a specific, canon or implied orientation. people, in general, just tend to assume made up characters are whatever their sexuality is. i just want respectful, polite responses. it'd be nice to know if anyone else accidentally started seeing chemistry between them as well, too, but whatever

purely as a lighthearted joke after noticing how markus and victor's bots love to proc their special within 5-10 seconds from each other, i went "haha thats pretty gay" but then they started to have a shit ton of lines and dialog that made me rethink my statement and go "oh, that is pretty gay"

wish i had more screenshots but they wont shut up with each other




the rudest i can recall them speaking to one another was victor yelling at markus to stop eyeing the wine in the cellar during empire in flames, and markus teasing him twice over really minor issues. otherwise they constantly uplift one another, give out compliments, or reassure each other during numerous missions, which is such an incredibly stark contrast from bardin being mostly comic relief, kerillian and everyone else taking turns to joke about killing each other, and sienna being a prisoner originally that everyone still has clear disdain towards.

their bots also seem to fly to the others aid before anyone else can which is obviously pure coincidence but makes it all the more humorous and entertaining for me as i watch from the sidelines. markus x victor is the true ship in this game, besides bardin x not taking any fucking damage

markus just feels like a broken man after what happened to him with his history, and it honestly sounded like victor took pity on him and his situation to personally hire him, and even more surprising is how kruber truly seemed like he was done fighting, and yet he's still swiftly ready to aid victor without any questions or doubt.

their dialog is genuinely a pleasure to listen to; i know a shit ton of you likely wont even bother reading or giving the idea of them possibly having romantic interest in the other the time of day because its apparently still effeminate to many people to imagine men being attracted to other men, and that's okay, but at the very least im sure you could agree or see yourselves that they definitely have a strong or close bond with one another, and that is pretty refreshing to hear and see when most of the time the characters are bickering back and forth like children or are incapable of being kind verbally for more than two minutes.

i didnt want to like or support a single pairing in this game. help

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