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[Kruger Guide] Advanced HALBERD technique – Super Fast Cleave (without Attackspeed)

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Block Cancel is INFERIOR to Switch Cancel!

That line pretty much sums up this thread and might have gotten your attention. First up, lets talk about the commonly used Block Cancel for a moment.

What is Block Cancel?

Block Cancel is using a short block after using an attack to reset your combo back to 0. In case of the halberd this is commonly used like this:

Light Attack -> Short Block -> Light Attack

This allows you to spam your Light attack to cleave through enemies like a boss. This often makes people recommend Attack Speed on the Foot Knight since Attackspeed actually speeds up how fast you can block after an attack.

And what is Switch Cancel?
Swiitch Cancel works pretty similar to the block cancel, but is more commonly used to spam overheads with the 2H hammer. Either with Bardin or Kruger. Combo:

There are two versions
A.) Light Attack -> Q -> Q -> Light Attack
B.) Light Attack -> 2 -> 1 -> Light Attack

Whats the difference?
Block Cancel weaves a short block between your attacks, while Switch Cancel weaves a weapon switch back and forth between your attacks. Because of the Block Cancel seems to be more appealing at first. However, lets go about the actual (dis)advantages between the 2.

Block Cancel:
+ You get blocks between your attacks
+ Easier to pull of witout fu*king something up
– Much slower than Switch Cancel
– Attackspeedreliant to be less slow.
– Blocking between attacks slows down your movementspeed.


Switch Cancel:
+ MUCH faster attacks
+ Doesn't need ANY attackspeed to be superfast. No reliance.
+ No attackspeed required means more free slots for property stats
+ 100% Movement Speed between swings for increased mobility
– If you fu*k it up, you end up wasting ammo by shooting your gun
– Harder to pull of correctly
– No blocks between swings

Why is Switch Cancel so much faster?
Attacking = Start up frames > Damage/Swing Frames > Turnaround Frames
Blocking = Start up Frames, Blocking, Ending Block Frames

Block Cancel requires you to go through ALL of the above stages before attacking again. Switch Cancel is special as it allows you to switch weapon right after the damage frames BEFORE the turnaround frames and is pretty much instant. (This is also why block cancel requires attackspeed. Since you have to go through all of those stages of attacking and blocking which are sped up with Attack speed.) So with Switch Cancel the Chain is: Start up frames > Damage/Swing Frames > Instant Switch > Repeat. This is way shorter and as mentioned before even has the benefit of getting full movement speed of your character back while switching, unlike blocking which slows you down.

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