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Leech feels a bit Anti-Fun (Feedback)

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I've had this recurring experience where we're at the end of a level and I'm making as much of a play as I can to save the team. Maybe you fight off a pack, kill 2 chaos knights solo somehow while running them around obstacles, maybe you dodge a pack rat while doing this or side step an ambushing assassin. You make that first res and now you're back to 2, and soon all 4 of you are up. That is unless of course there is a leech that you either didn't hear in the chaos, or you were too busy surviving being chased by a stormfiend or something equally as terrible.

It goes from a trial of 'can I do this' to well now I'm being held in place and I've just died. It's completely unfun and it always just feels bad. The most fun I've had is survivng against overwhelming odds and somehow coming out on top. This leech is not something you can dodge, or kite, or block. You are fighting a pack? You have 1 second to find it when it appears before you are held in place and destroyed by even 1 normal mob who was chasing you.


I know what some will say "It's just part of the challenge, git gud" but I would argue that these specials in particular are very unfun and they take what is glorious about fighting and surviving against every other monster type out of the game.

I've lived against all kinds of combinations of bosses and specials and barely pulled out a team revive. I've died so many times to the leech essentially 100% sucess rate CC on me. I would suggest that the instance of these spawning when the team wipes is brought down to near 0%. If we've wiped because the last person couldn't fight off a special that can be dodged, kited, dps'd or blocked – that's fine, everyone just goes aww nice try. If it's like poof leech appears and 1 second later (even with dps on him) you're done, game over. RESTART the level – it's just disappointing.

Idea: Make them have higher HP but you can DPS them while they pull you in.

TL;DR – the game can remain challenging without having these 100% stunlock mobs in the game that just about guarantee a wipe for the last survivor.

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