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(Legend/Class Guide) Ironbreaker: The Lil Zesty Nugget

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Been running a lot of Ironbreaker (IB) and wanted to share a build/setup I've been having a lot of success with. View this as more of a starting point rather than a "this is how you must play". Good luck and have fun! Feel free to post feeback or questions.


Lvl 5Shield of Valaya (50% Push/Block Angle) or Indefatigable (+2 Stamina/1 Shield)

  • IB doesn't benefit very much from extra health due to his tankiness, so Stoutfellow is a bit of a waste. Pick any of the other talents based on personal preference. Your melee weapon will determine that mostly.

Lvl 10Grazul's Duty (50% less dmg for revived teammates for 10s) or Irondrake (20% less overheat w/drakefire) or Miner's Rhythm (40% stamina regen for 2s after charge attack)

  • If you're running a drakefire weapon (Drakefire pistols/Drake Cannon), Irondrake is a must. Otherwise, the other two talents are fine but nothing very interesting.

Lvl15Tunnel Fighter (Gromril Armor cooldown reduced to 13)

  • Tunnel fighter is just too useful not to pick it up. It reduces Gromril armor's cooldown from 20 seconds to a cool 13 seconds. You'll notice it and it'll help you take so many more hits for no cost.

Lvl20Grudge-Borne (Temp HP on kill) or Grimnir's Champion (Heal on Boss Death)

  • Grudge-borne should be your go-to pick here, since you aren't always guaranteed a boss during a run. Personal preference though.

Lvl25 – Oi! Wassok! (Guaranteed boss agro)

  • Now that it's been fixed, Oi! Wassok! brings a lot of utility to IB's ult. Being able to pull a boss on whim can give your team a ton of breathing room. The other talents at this tier are fine, but I really love Oi! Wassok!.


Melee – Whatever You Want

  • Bardin has a lot of great weapons to work with. Pick whatever you're most comfortable with and adjust properties as needed. I personally use a Warpick with the following: +10% Chaos/+5% Attack Speed & Off Balance (Blocked attackers take 50% more damage for 2 seconds)

Ranged – Whatever You Want

  • Same deal here. Drakefire pistols, Drake Cannon, and Grudgeraker all have their tradeoffs. I switch between the drakefire weapons as needed. Right now I'm running a Drake Cannon with: +10% Monsters/+10% Infantry & Thermal Equalizer (20% less overheat)



  • -30% Block Stamina Cost
  • +2 Stamina (1 shield)
  • Boon of Shallya (30% heal effectiveness)/Hand of Shallya (Healing ally also heals you by 35%)/Healers Touch (25% heal dupe)


  • +10% Chaos
  • +5% Attack Speed

  • Any Trait/Personal Preference


  • 33% Curse Resistance
  • +30% Stamina Regen Rate

  • Any Trait/Personal Preference

How It All Comes Together

  • This build will rarely net you green circles or win you personal glory, but it bring a lot of tankiness/CC to your team. You'll probably always have a tome & grimoire on you. With these properties/traits, you'll be comfortable with blocking, pushing, and carving your way through hordes. You're not necessarily a "clutch or die" class, largely because you'll be making sure that your team won't ever get to that point. You're a zesty little armored nugget. You attac. You protec. You keep on adding to your book of grudges.

    • VS Hordes – If you're running drakefire pistols or a drake cannon, you can comfortably hold your own area during a horde. Melee if need be, but with the right positioning/timing, you'll rarely need to use anything but your range weapon.
    • VS Elites – Try to draw agro from berserkers and just block while your team deals with them. Maulers are negligible. Stormvermin are fine in small to medium numbers. Chaos Warriors are weak to your charged attacks, but if you have someone better equipped to deal with them, just clear trash around the Chaos Warrior.
    • VS Specials – Drakefire pistols/Grudgeraker will allow you to engage specials, but honestly you can let the more specia-lized range classes deal with it (Bounty Hunter/Huntsman/Waystalker/Sienna).
    • VS Bosses/Patrols – Use your ult to draw bosses/patrols away from your team, so that your team mates can shoot them in the butt. Don't pop your ult ASAP, since that's a bit of a waste. But definitely use it when you need to create space/draw agro.
    • When to Ult – Whenever Shit Hits the Fan, pop your ult. You'll draw agro from almost everything around you, you'll be able to block infinitely during the ult duration, and you can ultimately lead the enemy into the spot you want them to be in. The ult also has a knockback effect that seems to go beyond the outlined aura. You can use this to save team mates from hookrats. Your ult comes back quick enough, but don't waste it. (Example: Don't use ult on basic hordes, but definitely use it when there's a lot of elites sprinkled in a horde)

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