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Legend Hordes and issues since latest patch

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I know some of these issues have been talked about a fair bit but some things I touch on I havnt seen being talked of here and feel they are a larger issue than loot problems. I made this post as a representative of a small group of high tier vt2 players. Since the DLC patch dropped hordes have become very very random and no way near the size of the previous patch. Has anyone noticed this or have similar sentiments? I have over 500hrs in the game and many may think ive played it to death but i havn't, some of us have over 1000hrs, We were really loving the game until this new patch killed it for us. the weapon changes like 2 handed sword buffs and more headshot dmg to armored etc are great but the core game changes are really not cricket,

1: Enemies disappearing and appearing right in front (and behind) even during a horde they sometimes disappear as they get to you.

2: Hordes spawning on you (like you end up actually in the middle of them)

3: Really inconsistent trash damage numbers, some trash skaven taking off up to half health

4: Phantom hits have become much much worse

5: Hordes are much much smaller, shorter and less dense

6: Constant double specials, like 90% of the time

7: Bosses/Monsters are way too easy and my opinion is that they should go back how they were

8: Ambients? where are they? they spawn in and out of existence and are far and few between, maps feel empty and barren now


Legend mode has become far too easy and my group and I are not really having fun with the game anymore, One instance on burblespew map highest kill count for map completion was 93 (in legend). Most rounds on prior version (which I feel was the most bug free and fun release) were into the 4 and 600 kill range across the scoreboard.

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myself and a few others have messed with thread count settings in the launcher, Itried lowering my thread count to 8 and 6 from 10 to closer match the cpu power of a console, with the new cpu changes in patch i felt maybe it was a change to streamline console and pc patching by merging them or something along those lines, although it may be a placebo it seemed as if hordes got larger but still not near as large as prior version.

What I'm really getting at here is, have fatshark spoken of or addressed any of these issues? are they on the agenda to be reverted? Or is this their vision for the game now? We really love vermintide 2 and loot isnt something we all really care about (yes its really fun and all but the challenge is what keeps us), most of us cant even be bothered playing anymore because this version/release is so bad, so random and barren its just not what it was anymore. Would anyone at Fatshark care to shed some light on this? we have a really dedicated, hardcore and top tier bunch of Vermintide 2 players amongst our group and are feeling quite disenfranchised with these new changes or bugs.


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