Warhammer: Vermintide

Legend Matchmaking extremely slow

warhammer 3 - Legend Matchmaking extremely slow

I understand this isn't the biggest game. Right now it's sitting at 2,234 players in game according to Steam. Assuming half are not in game or in private games, that leaves over a thousand people. If we are conservative and say only 10% of those are playing Legend in open games, that's around 110 people. That's enough for 25 full games. Yet the lobby browser displays only around 10, and most frustratingly of all, the vast majority of them had 2 people in the party. Why is matchmaking not matching those pairs? I'm pretty patient, and I've met plenty of likeminded patient folks, but when you've been sat in the Keep for 30 minutes, not for the first time that session, something isn't working as intended.


Of all the things that can hurt V2 right now, players struggling to find games through matchmaking might be the most damning. Dedicated servers would be ace, but I know they're expensive, so expanding and improving on the current matchmaking code would be to my eye as a player, worthwhile. My humble suggestion is making QP search until it's grouped four people, assign one as host, then forming the party. Currently, it seems to be too hasty to make the lobby.

Also, while we're at it, just let people make public lobbies for deeds.andpleaseletuscraftthem


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