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Legend Vermintime data for 1.1

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I have been recording all of my legend completion and failure times for 1.1

I created some logic to give some useful information from all my raw data and I thought you guys might be interested in it.

I recorded legend completion times for pre-1.1 and posted a discussion for it here for comparison.

I do not have a huge sample size yet but I am playing every day adding more data points so this data should get closer and closer to reality as time goes on.

Now for the analysis.

Most maps took 2-3 minutes longer to complete in 1.1 than previously but a few are the same. I'm not sure if this is due to changes in the spawn system or simply that fact that I was playing with randoms in quickplay more often this patch.

According to my data the most efficient maps to run if you are attempting to farm for loot is Empire in Flames or Righteous stand with an average time spent per completion of 24:32 and 25:26 respectively. The success rate is high and the completion time low for these maps and for righteous stand the average failure time is only 6:02 so any failures that do occur typically occur early on in the map.

Slightly surprisingly the worst map to run seems to be Athel Yenlui with an average time spent per completion of 46:13. The high failure rate, a long time to complete, and having the failures occur roughly halfway through the mission all contribute to making this the worst map to run with the average time spent per completion at 46:13. (Even worse than Skitter Gate at 42:22!)


The maps with the greatest deviation in completion time are The War Camp with 9.8 seconds/minute and Halescourge with 9.4 seconds/minute. I suspect a lot of this is due to how short the map is in general, the amount of time that can be wasted avoiding a patrol in the first area, and differences in how quickly a group and kill Benedict Dinkleberg. The War Camp doesn't have too much time wasted avoiding patrols, but different groups can have vastly different boss kill times due to the boss having super armor. This with the map not being too long gives us our high deviation.

The maps with the least deviation are Hunger in the Dark and Against the Grain. Hunger in the Dark did not surprise me due to the fact it is essentially a long escort mission but I was very surprised by Against the Grain. I thought since there were 1-3 monster fights and a often aggrod patrol at the beginning of the map that there would be a large deviation for Against the Grain but it ended up being our most consistent map.

Our most queued into maps through quickplay were Athel Yenlui and War Camp at 17 each followed by Festering Ground at 16. Our least queued into maps were Empire and Flames and Into the Nest at 8 each.

If you guys have any other insight into my data or thoughts let me know I am looking to keep making improvements and want to know any insights you guys have that I missed.

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